Lizard Thicket

Today’s post is on Lizard Thicket.

Usually the routine for my mom and I at Dana Park is the same. Eat lunch at RA Sushi, walk around Z Gallerie, and go to Anthropolgie. Maybe check out Francesca’s for jewelry and Barnes and Noble for the current issue of British Vogue. Lizard Thicket’s name has caught my attention but never enough to actually want to go in. Today I suggested my mom and I check it out. Lizard Thicket is a boutique chain that is similar to Francesca’s.


My eyes lit up when I was handed the bag. I like to collect bags from stores that are pretty/unique. The bag is reusable, another plus.


I found this cute little top on sale for $12. I’m a sucker for floral, lace, and bows. This top happens checks off two of the three items on my list. I’ve been searching for more spaghetti strap tops for summer. There are two straps for each side and they cross each other in an x in the back. The material is 100% Viscose. It’s a soft, light weight top. Perfect for Arizona summer, which pretty much starts at the end of April.┬áThe bottom of the shirt is angled almost like a crop top in the middle and longer on the sides.





The only thing I didn’t like was the length of the ropes attached to the shirt. I found them to be a little long. So I attached a clear elastic to shorten the ropes, then added the barrette for decoration.



I looked into other locations of Lizard Thicket. Luckily they have locations throughout the Atlanta area, so I’ll definitely check out those once I’m back east.


One thought on “Lizard Thicket

  1. Dr. Char says:

    I must say I felt a bit of hesitation due to the name of this store, however I’m happy we checked it out today. I loved the prices and color scheme carried throughout all of their pieces. It’s also nice there will be a presence of Lizards once we’re back in the Peach State. The top was a great choice and beautiful because you wearing it makes it so.

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