Mini Jewelry Haul 

Ashliegh, where have you been? Alright time to recap. Finals are over and we’re almost done with packing.

My mom’s birthday was last Friday. So we started the day with lunch.

 Birthday lunch at RA Sushi with the birthday girl.

  Bathroom selfie at Z’Tejas because why not?

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Back to what today’s post is actually about, the jewelry.

After RA we spent sometime at Scottsdale Fashion Square. While we were there I found some cute pieces on sale. My favorite was this necklace from BCBG. 

We’ve been shopping at BCBG for about six years now. I love their evening gowns and cocktail dress, blouses, dress trousers,and well..everything. Max Azria can do no wrong. I usually end up purchasing their accessories because they’re more practical for my wardrobe at this time.

I’ve wanted a clunky statement necklace for days I were I don’t really feel like dressing up but I don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed either… I think the term I’m looking for is casual chic. Yeah for days I want to dress casual chic.

 The best times to shop at BCBG is when they have their additional 40-60% off (it’s even better if they have an outlet store near by).

The stones are a grey but depending on the lighting they can look almost black. From the front of the necklace you can see the multicolored threads peeking through.

  I love the back for two main reasons. On other statement necklaces I’ve seen the back is just metal. So if you’re wearing it during the summer it’s just cooking on your skin. The threads will keep you cool as you wear it. The second reason is because I think it’s beautiful. I love being able to see the details that show how it was created. It’s very unique and makes the necklace more luxurious.

The clasp on the necklace has the BCBG symbol on it.

Next item on the list is two piece layered necklaces I found at Cost Plus World Market.  

This came in different colors but I liked the purple the most. Layered necklaces are a popular trend right now. I’m all for this trend. Who doesn’t want to walk around with as much beautiful jewelry as possible?

The last part of my mini jewelry haul are these cute skull earrings.

 These are Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite brands for jewelry. It’s different. Anyone can through some gems on a string of metal and it be accepted as pretty. Betsey Johnson’s jewelry is feminine, a little punk, and a little gaudy, but in a good way. Everything I see I want. For example, on Friday I saw a Betsey Johnson necklace that had a giant fox head covered in rhinestone. Do I need a fox head necklace? No. But it took all of two seconds from me to consider it. Do I really want to walk around with a bedazzled fox head around my neck?  Yes, yes I do. I decided to pass on it for now. It might pop up on Style Cookie Jar in the feature.

 I think I found these at Nordstrom Rack about two months ago. Dillard’s tends to have Betsey Johnson on sale a lot there too. I love the heart shaped eye sockets.

 There’s also hearts scattered on the back.

These aren’t too big. A little smaller than a nickel. They aren’t super heavy on the ear. Once I have them on I forget I’m wearing them.

Alright I think that’s enough for now 😉


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