Coach Tote

So you may remember from this post I mentioned I got a new tote for school.

  Penelope is curious about it too.


I love animal print. Especially leopard print (snake and alligator tie for second). I’ve had good luck in the past with Coach totes. My last tote was cloth with leather straps. I got it about four years ago and it’s still in good condition. This is all leather (except for the pocket) so I think this will be even more durable. I really like the clasp to close the tote so it isn’t completely open. The inside its smooth and black. I think this will be easy to keep clean too. I’ll do an update once I start using it for class.


2 thoughts on “Coach Tote

  1. Dr. Char says:

    Well, she’s too big now but I remember a certain little kitten who jumped into my work bag, went to sleep and woke up only to start meowing about 10 minutes before I got to the clinic! I bet she finds a way to get into this bag!

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