Labor Day Weekend


I’m cheating a little bit with this post. I think this first outfit was from Thursday. I got this Fall Out Boy shirt during their Believers Never Die tour back in 09′ before their hiatus later that year. It was an outdoor show at Mesa Amphitheater. The lineup consisted of Fall Out Boy obliviously,  Hey Monday, my dad and I missed most of their set, but Cassadee Pope did pop up later to sing with Cobra Starship I think? Cobra Starship, no matter how many times I see them live, they’re always great  only true 90s kids remember the purple hoodie. Metro Station, this was the second time I had seen them during the Shake It era. And most importantly All Time Low. At this time I didn’t really know much about them outside of Dear Maria, Count Me In and Poppin’ Champagne. Little did I know this band would greatly influence my teenage years and still be one of my favorite bands six years later that time flew by quickly . I think the best part of this concert was during All Time Low’s set. They were preforming Poppin’ Champagne, one of All Time Low’s upbeat dance songs. Everyone in the crowd was dancing. I looked over to see how bored out of his mind my dad was, but surprisingly he was nodding his head back and forth along to the song. I don’t think he remembers it, or would admit to liking a Pop Punk song but it was priceless.

Back to the shirt. After the show was over I asked my dad to buy me a shirt. This one was a men’s medium, which was basically a dress on me but I needed a materialized memory from the tour. That’s part of why I’ve been able to keep this shirt for so long and I’m extremely sentimental I usually wear it as a night shirt but I made an exception for a quick trip to CVS.

Penelope (my cat) and I fight over spots in my room. Currently it’s been this round black chair from Walmart but Thursday when I was taking pictures for SCJ, I had noticed she spent the whole day in this one corner in my room (whenever wasn’t eating). So I decided to take some pictures with Penelope.


Penelope x SCJ (might become a reoccurring thing on here lol)

Shirt: Believers Never Die Tour 09′

Shorts: American Eagle ( I love them and Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, they’re really good quality and they often have good sales on their denim).

Sunglasses: Ebay (I got them about two years ago for maybe $5?)

Friday! (Maybe)



Yeah this was Friday’s outfit.

My mom and I went back over to Northern China Eatery , our new favorite Chinese food restaurant here in the Atlanta area (Doraville to be exact). I highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of those places where you can’t just recommend one thing, it’s all delicious.

Shirts: White shirt, H&M.

Gingham print shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet (Westgate Outlets in Glendale, Arizona. I have seen it in the regular stores too).

Jeans: Zara

Hair pin: Anthropologie (Got this on sale for about $5 about two weeks ago. It came with two other pins, one white and the says Gemini in cursive).

Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack (Found this back in April for about $20)



Saturday my mom and I drove down to Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. It’s a upscale mall in Atlanta. It’s really nice. It’s a smaller indoor mall. It kind of reminds me of The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Place. I’m a fan of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta so I had to check out Rasheeda’s store Pressed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to look around long in there. It was so packed! I did love what I saw. Her clothes are really cute. I’d say the prices compete with BEBE.

Shirt: U.S. Polo Assn Outlet (Arizona Mills, $13)

Skirt: H&M ($17)

For new clothes I buy in the future I’ll keep better track of how much things were so much of this was a guess

Sunday and Monday were mainly stay at home and chill days. I’ve been working on a Bullet Journal for almost a week now. I have a couple of entries but I’m still working on designing the inside.


I plan on making an official post on my journal later.


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