Premium Outlet Haul


Oh look!  A wild Penelope! nosy little cat

Wow I’ve quite a bit of catching up to do. Lets start of with back on the 17th. After having the 7.99 lunch special at Tokyo Boat 2, a great sushi and hibachi restaurant in Roswell. My mom and I headed up to Dawsonville to the North Georgia Premium Outlets.

First store we went to I was surprised to find anything. It was Lucky Brand. Not that I don’t like Lucky Brand, they have cute clothes. They’re right on trend with  the 70’s boho chic look.  I don’t like the prices in the full line stores. For example this cute little shirt. The original price on the tag was partially covered, but I could make out $25.

image4 (2)image5 (2)

It’s very comfortable, light weight, soft cotton. In store they had additional 30% off clearance. So they had marked it down to $9.97 what it should have been anyway . At the register it rang up 6.98, with Georiga’s wonderful low sales tax, the total purchase was  $7.47

Next stop was Coach. My mom wanted to see if a bag she was interested had went down in price any. I wasn’t planning on getting anything but I ended up getting this little wallet that matches my tote.

image3 (2)image2 (2)

image1 (2)

I always hate having to dig around in my larger wallet to find whatever card I need. I figured this would be a much more organized solution. However I have so many loyalty cards from stores, I really only fixed half the problem. So i just have this sitting in my wallet along with the other cards. This was originally around $65 dollars, I paid $17.66.

No outlet trip is complete without checking out what sales the big name designers have going on. BCBG is a must! Usually my mom ranks up well in here. I usually walk around in a daze drooling over all the beautiful gowns then crying because I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear them if I bought one.This time I got more than a shirt or necklace.

image6 (2)image7 (2)

This is a Nylon, Rayon, Spandex mix top. It’s not exactly a crop top, I’d say it stops below my stomach. I tried this on and I immediately fell in love. It reminded me of the top from Escada’s Fall 2014/Winter 2015 campaign featuring Polish model Malgosia Bela. All I need is a red pair of red cigarette trousers and I’m set. I didn’t see the original price but this was on the $29 dollar rack. Good price for BCBG.

I also found some BCBG Generation jeans for the same price. I love these. If they still have them the next time we’re up there I’m definitely getting more colors!


These pictures don’t do them any justice. They are skinny jeans but have spandex in them for stretch. A big fashion pet peeve of mine is ‘leggings are the new denim’. “You can have the comfort of a legging but style of a Jea-” NO. If I’m shopping for jeans, I want denim. Not some alternative being sold at the same price range.

I’m going to stop there. Just know for future reference I’m anti-leggings being worn as everyday wear. I hate this trend more then Crocs.


This is from last Friday maybe? I really love these jeans and my new shoes!!

I don’t know who decided to make Adidas trendy again, but I really wanted to part of the club. I’ve seen a couple of Kpop idols wearing them but it was just as the trend was kicking off earlier this year. When Kris Wu’s Adidas Originals ads were released back in May. That’s when my attention was caught. I had two thoughts.

1.) He looks really good.

2.) I want a pair of floral Adidas too! Or any pair really.

Then I really noticed everyone either had or wanted a pair of Originals, especially the Superstars. You know the solid white with black stripes.

R.I.P. Converse and Vans.


I wasn’t too sure of the fit of Adidas. I knew they used men’s sizing like Converse. Usually in men’s shoes I’m somewhere between a 9 and 10 1/2. The 10’s were pretty roomy. Not swimming in them but a good amount of space.



I actually tried on the gray pair first. Once I determined I was in love, I went back to find my size in red. Guess which pair are my favorites.


So in the Adidas outlet they had buy one get one half off of equal or lesser value. Both were $29.99, so I got one pair for $29 and the other for $14. My favorite purchase of the day. I’ve worn these shoes for about a week now and they’re very comfortable. The rounded toe makes me feel like my feet aren’t as long so that’s a plus too. I have the all black with white stripes Superstars next on my list.


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