SheIn (SheInside) Haul


This haul was supposed to be first. This arrived on Thursday but because we were at the outlet mall we missed DHL. So Friday was really when I got everything from SheIn. I’ve seen on Tumblr picture of cute clothes from the site, and I know there’s tons of fashion bloggers that buy from here. So I figured I’d give them a shot.

Everything arrived in the one gray bag. On the inside everything was individually packaged


Some of the items arrived in bags that were like zip-lock bags I thought that was cool. A couple of them had a card from the  brand it came from.



The first shirt reminded me of some of Zara’s basics shirts. It’s made of cotton but it’s woven to look like a linen. I’m going to call this length semi-crop top. I’m not sure if that’s what this length is actually called but I’m going with it. The strip of fabric across the neckline had me sold. The little pocket is cute too.


The firs thing I  noticed as soon I opened it from the plastic? Thread sticking out of multiple areas of the shirt.

image5 image4

Now I’m not a Project Runway winner but with the sewing knowledge I do have, I know this was surged, the fast fashion solution to sewing and the way you can tell if a fabric is a knit or woven. Because I’ve gotten thread tangled I’ve seen this before. I ended up cutting the tail of thread on the picture on the left. The one on the right I tried to cut down as low as possible without creating a hole. Here’s another angle.


This was from the 22nd. I washed this shirt and let it hang dry. It’s a one-size fits all shirt, I’m usually a medium depending on the material and the brand. I just didn’t trust putting it in the dryer. The pocket on the shirt wasn’t stitched so part of it kept sticking out at the top. The ends of the sleeves kept unraveling too. For an $11 shirt it’s really low quality. I’m going to have to break out my sewing machine and fix it. Yellow shirt

image1 (2)


I was really excited when I saw this online. I love stripes. I figured this would changes things up a little. The pictures on the website made it look like it was much larger then it actually was. Like those over-sized button downs. Really it’s more like a regular button down that fits true to size. This shirt did have actual sizing. It’s a cotton blend so I’ll keep this away from the dryer.

IMG_0933 IMG_0934

I did like the detail with the fabric covering the buttons. Grid shirt


This shirt I’ve seen all over Tumblr. I had to have it. It was $8.99 so great price! This is soft polyester.


If you look closer at the cat you’ll notice little yellow spots. I saw someone in the reviews mention that. It’s still one of my favorites.


Cat shirt


My other favorite $8.99 shirt! This is a cotton shirt.


I’ve nicknamed it dad shirt. It’s one size fits all, no shape,  it fits like a men’s shirt. It’s super comfy though!


I thought it was important to point out that on the tag it says SheInside. This was the only item out of what I bought that had their name on it. Dad shirt


This shirt is super cute! I instantly thought of Play No More , This shirt is actually spandex, really comfortable, true to size, and the sequins are stitched on extremely well. I’m looking forward to wearing this often. Eye see you unfortunately it’s sold out but they may bring it back.


Midi skirts oh my goodness. I’ve wanted one of these for about two years now. I finally went and bought two. No regrets. I love them both! This particular one was made of spandex so there’s a little weight to it. There’s a lining underneath! This does run small. Luckily the waistband is stretchy so there’s some extra room.

IMG_0954 IMG_0953

I can’t wait to wear it. Black midi

IMG_0956 IMG_0955IMG_0957

Midi part 2. This one is a little bit longer. The website says cotton, but to me it feels more like a rayon or polyester. Either way it’s extremely light weight and perfect for spring or hot weather place Arizona. I was surprised to see it also had a lining. Thank God it did or this would have been see through and sent back. This runs small and the waistband doesn’t stretch like the black midi. Pink Midi


Lastly I bought this over-sized cardigan. I’ve seen again on Tumblr, my fashion inspiration website girls with these cute draped coats/cardigans. I needed one. It’s acrylic, aka fake wool but it’s comfy. I can’t wait for fall to wear this all the time.

IMG_0949 IMG_0948

Unlike the yellow top, I was impressed with the stitching on this. I just had two complaints.



This would have been 100% perfect if it had real pockets, but that would have been extra work, and extra money. I think I’m going to add it in myself.

2.) No way to close it! Which isn’t really that big of a deal, it’s more of a preference. If I had been the creative director I would have told them they need to add a button. The way this drapes when its on it pretty much covers your shirt anyway. Why not take the extra five minutes to sew on a button and create a button hole? I would need fifteen minutes but that’s not the point. I already said sewing isn’t a strength of mine. LOL Cardigan

Overall I’m very pleased with this purchase! I ordered it on September 11th, and it arrived September 17/18th. They had free shipping after $19. I’ll order from them again in the future.

My advice for shopping on SheIn

  1. Be sure to check sizing! Not all of their items have small, medium, large, etc. They have the measurements in the description, but I think Shein is based out of China so everything is in cm. If you aren’t sure size up. There can be a one to two inch difference. You just have to measure yourself and convert the sizing to make an official decision.
  2. They always advertise discounts.Take full advantage of that! When I was shopping on their I saw they had 31% of purchases of $100 or more. They change daily so you might be able to get even more off.
  3. The stock photos aren’t always 100% accurate. If they have pictures of people that actually have the item, like cell phone pictures, that’s going to be your best guide.

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