Boys Be

Anyone that knows me personally know how much I love music. It’s my second love after fashion. So it only makes sense to include that into my blog. Today’s post is an unboxing.


Kpop is exciting for numerous reasons. The over the top music videos, wardrobes, choreography, just to name a few. There’s always so many comebacks and debuts in Kpop it’s so easy to miss out on new groups. Especially when you’re trying to keep track of your current faves. Back in May Shinee had released Odd. Being my first male Kpop group to fall in love with back in 2013, I was ecstatic to hear they were releasing a new album and that I would be able to witness Odd era. Which if you haven’t checked out them out you definitely should. View is my favorite Shinee single. Well next to Your Number but that was a Japanese single so it doesn’t really count Korean comeback wise. I’m waiting for SM to officially announce Taemin’s solo comeback. Ace is absolute perfection.  Jonghyun’s most recent album was amazing. Different from Base, but I liked it a lot.  This was also around the time I was still jamming to Exodus and waiting for Exo‘s repackaged album. So I when I found out Pledis, home of After School was finally debuting their boy group I was excited. Adore U didn’t disappoint. Naturally I was even more excited to hear they were having another comeback in September (along with Red Velvet and Got7) .


Alright, say the name Seventeeeeennnnnn this makes more since if you listen to Mansae, this is also their group introduction

Boys Be mini album (ep) was released September 10. Since Seventeen is a rookie group, and  aren’t from a large company like Shinee, Red Velvet, and Got7. Every comeback needs to be better then the last and if they don’t have support, they disband. Seventeen is way too talented for that. So the moment Seventeen fansites/blogs released preorder links, I was all over that. I had a hard time deciding between Hide (pink version) or Seek (blue version). I went with Seek because I almost always go with pink if it’s an option.

I bought this through Kpoptown. The album was about $9.90, then after shipping and tax the total was $17 lol. The day I ordered it was the 3rd and it shipped on the 11th (Kpoptown sent an email to let me know it had shipped). They said it would take 2-4 weeks to arrive. I was in St. Louis for part of last week, I’m assuming it arrived sometime Wednesday-Friday of last week.

The tracklist:


1.) Frontin (I’ve seen a couple of different translations but I’ve seen most fans go with this title)

2.) Mansae, I have so much love for this song and video. It’s upbeat and so catchy. I love how playful Seventeen are and their bond. I can’t listen to it without singing along and waving my hands in the air like they do. Even after it’s over.

3.) When I Become an Adult

4.) OMG

5.) Rock

Honestly every song makes me want to dance. Woozi’s composed every song on the album but multiple members helped create the album too. That’s extremely rare in K-groups. Usually they don’t get that type of freedom until later on into their career and even then they can get their songs rejected.


Omg this is so blurry 

So what’s all in this mini album? Short answer, a lot of cool @#!$


But to be more specific this is what is all included:

image4 (2)

Booklet, we’ll look inside that later


Double sided photo cards, a blessing and a curse.


Post cards


A giant map of I don’t know what. Jeju island maybe? I feel like Hide has the other side of this map.


Some cute little stickers

image2 (2)image3 (2)

Signed photo card of angel Jun. I yelled in excitement when I saw his photo card fell out of the booklet. I don’t have an official bias of Seventeen yet, but he’s somewhere in the top 5  I can’t wait to learn Korean so I can read what all this says 


And the CD (I’ve already imported it into my iTunes library, and yes I’m listening to it while I’m typing this, and BTS because this is a mini album. I think in total we have sixteen minutes, it takes longer then that to write a post, don’t judge.

Close up: Post cards


image1 (2)




I love the Polaroid/ old school vibe these photos have. They have a smooth matte finish to them not that super glossy look you get with most printed photos.

Close up: Booklet







These aren’t really in any particular order. More than half of the book has pages of pictures. Then it moves to Seventeen Diary page and their letters, DK and Dino’s however are the first in this section.The lyric pages are after the members letters. Shout out to Vernon and Joshua for writing theirs in English, I appreciate that. Jun and The 8 wrote theirs in Chinese.

So what do you think? I have Jonghyun’s Base (my first Kpop physical album), Taemin’s Ace, and VIXX’s Boys’ Record. I’m thinking of writing reviews on them too. I think it would be cool write a compare and contrast post for Taemin’s solos. There’s a push for buying digital but I love physical albums because of how detailed they are. Every group/artist does something different with them. There’s always a surprise with each album.


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