Winery Trip and OOTD Recap

October, 3rd was the day we (my mom and our friends we adopted into our family) all went up north to go wine tasting. It was cold and rainy, perfect autumn weather.





To me, autumn/winter have the best fashion. The colder it is the more clothes you get to wear. You can experiment with layers and accessories like hats. Spring/summer is more of how little clothes can I get away with and still look presentable. Autumn/winter is more of okay, I have the basics to keep me warm, now how much clothes can I add just for fun.

I found this London Fog trench coat at Last Chance Clearance Store off of Camelback road in Phoenix. I think I found it for $25 or something around that. I knew going back to Georgia I would get a lot  use out of this. It’s really warm and lined well. My Barbie sweater is from the Barbie Forever 21 collaboration last year. I always get complements on it. I love how soft it is. I just need to remember not to wash it with dark clothes, I’m still picking lint off my jeans. The jeans I wore are my BCBC Generation ones from the outlet, and my hat I got at the Dillard’s outlet in Casa Grande yeaaarrrsss ago. I think it was about $7. During my freshman year of high school I was a beanie hoarder..actually even up into my junior year of high school. Pretty much every other day I had one on. I think it finally died down my senior year. I still have a lot of knit hats though. I’m ready to bring it back.



The first vineyard we went to was Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay, about an hour north of the Atlanta area. I’m not usually a wine drinker but the wine here and Chateau Meichtry (more on them later) was fantastic. My favorite is the Southern Sangria. We got to keep our glasses after the tasting, very cool.


IMG_1032 IMG_1033

Chateau Meichtry was my favorite stop. It’s a beautiful vineyard in Talking Rock.


IMG_4020 IMG_4022

I prefer sweet wines and the ones offered here were perfect. The best part was the wine served in a chocolate cup. I think the wine here was called Midnight. It might have been Sunset, both were delicious.


Here’s a better view of the bracelet I got.

Fainting Goat in Jasper had breathtaking views.

IMG_1040IMG_4036  IMG_4032 IMG_4029


That was about it.

IMG_4065 IMG_4071 IMG_4069 IMG_4067 IMG_4066

Engelheim Vineyards had beautiful views also. My mom and I actually ended up tasting more of Chateau Meichtry wines that were offered here.

Our last stop was Serenberry Vineyards. They had a delicious seasonal apple wine. Apple Appalachian I think was what that one was called. This vineyard is located in Morganton.

IMG_4080  IMG_4075 IMG_4073IMG_4079

This trip was a blast. We met interesting people and drank wonderful wine for the most part.

We finished off at Rib Country in Murphy,North Carolina for dinner. I got half a rack of ribs, and deep fried shrimp.


Now time for a selfie/ootd recap.

IMG_3717 IMG_3747

The first picture is from me deciding on what to wear for our trip to Missouri a few weeks ago. The second was a car selfie in Sikeston. I love Forever 21’s marvel merchandise for women.

IMG_3934 IMG_3977

These two are from last week. I was so excited it was cool enough outside to wear my long sleeve shirt I bought on sale from Zara sometime earlier this year back in Scottsdale.When I waked outside it ended up being colder than I thought. So I ran upstairs to find my faux leather coat I got on sale from Abercrombie and Fitch earlier this year.


Also from sometime last week. I love this sweater from H&M, I break it out every time it starts getting cooler out.

IMG_4263 IMG_4252 IMG_4202

So I’m officially part of the blond club. I got it bleached about three weeks ago. I was planning on making a follow up post on my hair color but every wash it gets lighter. So I’m waiting for the color to finally settle. I’m still using the same John Frida products. The only thing different is now I’m also using the brightening shampoo that’s in the same line as the lightening spray.

IMG_1120 IMG_1122

And finally to what I wore today. Sweater is from Saks Off Fifth. Hat from Forever 21, and the same BCBG jeans I’ve been living in for weeks now lol.

Feels good to be caught back up!


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