Ally’s Attic


The ultimate goal for Saturday was to get my Halloween costume.

I figured Goodwill would be the best option for my costume since you can’t walk into a Spirit Halloween and find it. On the way to Goodwill in Lawrenceville, there’s an antique store next to it called Ally’s Attic. I’ve wanted to find more antique, vintage, consignment like stores here in the Atlanta area. This one is a keeper. Everywhere you turn there’s stuff from different decades. They had a few items from the 2000s’ but that was mainly CDs or DVDs.


I fell in love with this telephone. The tag says it was bought in Paris and it works. I don’t really care about that. I just need it for decoration in my room. Same with the Delineator picture.


From what I searched online The Delineator was an American women’s magazine from the late 1800s-1937 when they stopped publications. They featured current fashion and Butterick sewing patterns.


This is what I actually got this time around. Before I found the phone and picture I was in the music, movie, comic section of Ally’s Attic. I was extremely excited to find a Madonna vinyl. One because I didn’t know most of the artist in the bin or I knew who they were but they weren’t my style. I’ve had in the back of my mind for about a year now that I wanted to get a record player. A lot of artist I follow are releasing record versions of their albums and I just think records along with CDs are cool. Yeah you can download music, but to have the physical album out on display for people to see gives that album more meaning.

So let’s start of with the comic I found.



IMG_1131 (2)

I’m currently taking Japanese online. I recognized the Miko robe ( robes the shrine maidens wear that work at the shrine)  from the cultural note and from Rei’s (Sailor Mars)  robe she wears when she’s working at the Shrine in Sailor Moon). Being a huge fan of Salior Moon, I’m not really interested in any other magical girl series. To me, Sailor Moon is the ultimate magical girl series.  It wasn’t until I got home I realized this is an issue of Cardcaptor Sakura. As in that little girl with the bird head shaped wand I’ve seen every one in a while. Now that I have an issue I’ll add it to my shows list and finally check it out.

Now my favorite find.


While searching the record bins in the store I ran across this gem. This is the third single from her Like a Virgin album from 1984. The single album version wasn’t released until 1985. I’m not a major Madonna fan, but I had to buy this. I vaguely recognized Into the Grove but I couldn’t remember how I felt about Angel.



This is a 12′ 45 RPM maxi single. As I mentioned earlier I want to get a record player but I don’t actually have one. Luckily, I found a YouTube video someone uploaded that plays both sides of this record. Here’s the video.



IMG_1138 IMG_1137

I love this record!!! Angel is such a good song. Once I heard Into the Groove I remembered it. I can’t wait to get a record player so I can blast this in my room.

Edit: I forgot to mention price. The comic was priced at $2.00 and the vinyl was $3. They had a sale so I got 15% off of both items. The final price was $4.51 ( $1.70 for the comic and $2.55 for the vinyl)


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