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(My mom wanted to be in on my picture too lol)



Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up and getting free candies? Who would want to miss out on this holiday? Usually I don’t know what I want to dress up as because there’s so many options. I remember for five Halloweens straight I dressed up as a witch when I was a little girl. One Halloween, as a joke I dressed up as Paris Hilton, that was a lot of fun. As a last minute costume in 2014 I dressed up as Ariana Grande. This year I had no idea until Rihanna released her music video for BBHMM. As I watched the music video/ short film I was in awe. The fashion, the story line, the gore, the acting, the way it was all put together was amazing. After I had saw the video I knew I had found my costume.

So back on the 17th, I found a sale wig at Spirit Halloween for $14, and got some fake blood. After I found that Madonna record at the antique store, I went hunting for my outfit at Goodwill. The hat was $3, the blazer, shirt and hat were all $5. Once I was finished I spent $23.73. I had to hem the skirt, but I will use it again at it’s original length. This was probably the second cheapest Halloween costume I’ve had since my Ariana Grande costume. This costume has been so much fun to wear.


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