Black Friday Weekend

I buy sale/clearance items year round. So I don’t really care about Black Friday.

Yesterday after we took Miss Eunice back to the airport, we drove up to Dawsonville to the outlet mall. Because only regular malls are crazy during Black Friday weekend right?

I was totally wrong. It was overrun with people. Michael Kors had a line of people waiting to get it (it was about three in the afternoon when we arrived). I wanted to look around in Adidas, but I didn’t want to die during the process. It was packed with wall to wall people too.

Coach was pretty crazy, but I did find this adorable little bag.

George the Giraffe is my assistant today

This is the mini Cora Coach bag. There were a couple of different colors but this patent burgundy caught my eye. In store Coach had 30% off your entire purchase. This was why it was crazy in there.  The original price was $275. Coach outlet had it for $99. With the 30% off it was $69, and after tax $74, amazing deal.


All genuine leather, really smooth.


I love the yellow gold hardware. Rose gold would have been okay, and sliver would have been a complete miss.




Plus it comes with a strap!



I’ve mentioned in a few of my Coach post either I am in love with the bags or they are forgettable. I saw some other purses in store I liked but I was drawn to the elegance of this one. The color, hardware details, it feels like it’s more expensive, and is just a classy bag.  I was starting to use my Marc Jacob’s bag again but I already switched everything out of it and put it in this one.

After taking pictures of the Cora, then I was thinking, “When was the last time I did a purse review?”. I’ve been carrying around this bag for weeks and I remembered I never did a review on it


I bought this at the St. Louis Mills outlet mall back in September. I think I got it for about $75 too. I love this bag but I kinda hate it at the same time. This is the Bramble Rose Quinn.







Okay pros

  • This pocket on the back of the bag is really handy for putting a card or something small that you’ll need in the immediate future like MARTA Breeze card.
  • The size is nice because it’s small enough to carry on one shoulder without it getting really heavy.
  • It has a long pretty strap with chains so you can make it a cross body bag.
  • The print is pretty.



  • THE SIZE!! If you usually carry your house on your shoulder when you go out, like me, you’ll find it hard to downsize to carry this bag. This works best if you have one of those wallets that has the slots for cards, small sample lotion, lipstick, mirror, maybe foundation and hand sanitizer and your phone. More than that it you’ll barely get the zipper closed. Then when you go to get something out it’s like Tetris trying to get everything back in.


That’s why I see myself getting more use out of the Cora then Quinn. I can fit all my essentials in the Cora easier. I do have to use the zipper to put money, id, and other cards in the Cora because my full size wallet wont fit. But I got that wallet for my larger size purses anyway.

Be prepared to see the Cora in my future post!


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