Tuesday Tunes

New month, new blog ideas. I’ve had this idea floating around my head for a few months now. I figured now would be the best time since it’s December 1st. 

Being the huge music fan I am, I want to incorporate that into my blog. Over the past year really I’ve been listening to a boat load of Kpop. So that’s what the majority of this list consist of.

Secret by Nine Muses (or 9Muses, I usually type out nine) is from their new mini album Lost. The actual single from this song is here but I think Secret should have been the single to follow the unofficial summer anthem Hurt Locker . Secret is on the mellow side but isn’t forgettable like Sleepless Night. I love the music video for Sleepless Night, they looked so beautiful and the styling was on point.

Hello by Adele, I’m sure by now everyone has heard Adele’s song Hello. As expected Adele waltzed back into the music scene and slayed as if she never left. I haven’t heard the rest of 25 yet, but I know it will be good.

The next three songs are from BTS (Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts). I recently fell in the tar pit that is BTS. After listening to all their songs on Spotify, watching their music videos on Youtube, and watching my Tumblr friends, tumble into the ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth gotta love Kpop fandom meanings ) I was doomed.

I wont get too in depth into the artistry of BTS or the different theories behind I Need U and Run, but they are a hip hop group, and  majority of their songs are about youth. The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt 2 picks up where Pt 1 ended in the topic of youth being discussed. The whole album is amazing from start to finish but I found myself constantly replaying Butterfly, a mellow, sad song, Ma City, an upbeat proud of their hometown song, and House of Cards, an unexpected sensual outro.

Pour Up by Dean Feat Zico, I don’t know, I just really love this song. When it was first released a few weeks ago I was just getting into more Crush and Zion T like Khip hop and R&B. So this fell exactly into that sound. I surprisingly liked Zico’s part.  He’s 2-0 right now (I really like him on f(x)’s Traveler) Sometimes he gets a little out there with his music and I can’t hang.

Put My Hands On You by Dean Feat Anderson .Paak, another amazing track. This one is in English and has a dance, deep house sound. Dean is hands down one of my favorite solo artists. I’m looking forward to more of his music.

Speaking of f(x) and deep house, the next two songs have both. Rude Love is my favorite song off f(x)’s 4 Walls album. Cash Me Out is second. Papi is so upbeat and fun I can’t forget to mention it. When I’m not listening to Kpop, I’ve been listening to  deep house/chill music. It’s like f(x) knew this and made an album for me, how kind of them. F(x) is another girl group I’ve added to my faves list. I need SM to stop having great groups, I’m too attached.

Solo by Jay Park Feat Hoody , I really love like Jay Park. The song is really cute, the music video is cute, Hoody kills me with her vocals. I’m not sure where I was when this was released back in October, but I’ve been listening to this song almost everyday for a few weeks now along with Pour Up.

Sorry by Justin Bieber, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Justin Bieber’s new album. I loved Believe, it’s one of my favorite albums. It was the album that made me pay attention to his music. When I heard One Direction and Justin Bieber were both releasing their albums on the same day, I thought “Okay, someone is going to have a crappy album. If they’re both really good, I’ll be in complete shock.” Unfortunately, 1D’s new album was a disappointment for me. I couldn’t finish the album, however Purpose was good start to finish.

Finally we’re down to the last two songs. Are you tired of reading yet? I have so much love for these dorks. In my Seventeen post  I mentioned how Shinee was the group that introduced me to Kpop, well VIXX was the group that made me stay. Last year I had watched Error, and I thought it was such a cool concept. I then discovered their other singles, and their YouTube channel with their videos to keep in touch with Starlights (their fanbase). After Error, I continued to followed the groups activities. After Ravi and Leo had finished promoting as a VIXX LR (sub unit), I was shocked that VIXX as a whole would be releasing a full length album so soon my prayers were answered.

Okay, I promise I’m getting to the point. Chained Up is a bondage themed song, video, whatever. They look great, the line distribution between the members on this song and the rest of the album made me smile. The beat in this song! I’m so happy there’s an instrumental version of it too. Leo’s nanananana gets stuck in my head every time, and that choreography? They need to be stopped but not really.  Hot Enough is actually my favorite song off the album. I was extremely happy they preformed it on stage as well as Chained Up on the music shows. Hot Enough, can be added to the unexpected song list with House of Cards.

That’s this weeks Tuesday Tunes. Let me know what you think!






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