Too Faced Melted Villain

Today’s post is kicking off the Purple Reign series.

Most girls go with red for their signature lip color. I’ve tried different reds  like the famous Ruby Woo and Russian Red, but I wasn’t in love with either. I think the darker vampy reds complement my skin tone better. However, I feel confident in any shade purple. The red reign was over thrown by purple, hence this series being called Purple Reign. Annnnd I couldn’t think of another title to call this. Let’s get started!


I first became interested in this color this last year. My mom and I were at Ulta and this was one of my favorites of the melted colors. This was my second dark purple lipstick.



It’s kinda weird. It’s a liquid lipstick, more of a gloss really. It never fully dries. It’s got a soft applicator that reminded me of lip gloss applicators. You have to squeeze that tube to get the color out.

This is what it looked like when I tried to take it off without makeup remover.



This was my favorite ‘lipstick’ last summer and off and on this past summer. It does feather and smug all over the place. As I started wearing more lipsticks and glosses in purple I realized how bad this formula is lol. Not a lipstick I’d buy again now that I know what I like. But it is a good entry level for people that want something that’s pigmented like a lipstick but gives you moisture like a gloss.



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