NYX Intense Butter Gloss

Today is Tuesday, which means

1.) Today should be a Tuesday Tunes post

2.) I forgot to make a beauty post yesturday

3.) I haven’t actually posted anything since Christmas Eve and according to WordPress my last beauty post was 12 days ago


So let’s get started! Our next lip color in the Purple Reign series is Nyx Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel.




Now this color unlike Too Face Melted Villain, is a true lip gloss. This is actually my favorite lip gloss. I discovered this color over the summer when Rihanna wore a similar color during Coachella.


I was looking around at Ulta for something similar and found this. I love how bright Berry Strudel is. It’s pigmented very well so you don’t need to apply multiple layers. It also passes what I call the food test. Some might wear off as you eat (depending on how and what you eat), but there’s still a stain underneath so there’s some type of color on your lips.

Close up on the brush. It’s flat and rectangle shaped.


This is the stain I was talking about. When I went to completely wipe it off without makeup remover, there’s still some color remaining.




I wouldn’t call this a dupe for Rihanna’s color. I think this is be a shade lighter then what she wore. It’s a great buy for $6. I should really look into their other colors.




How was everyone’s holiday? My dad drove down from Missouri and spent the weekend with us. I got a bunch of fashion books, a Mac gift card, some winter items from Last Call that I might not even use this winter because of how warm it is, so it was a successful Christmas!   Oh and I’m back the brunette team! I’m wearing Foxy Locks extensions. This is the second pair I’ve gotten from them. I like them. So far I haven’t had any issues with them *knocks on wood*.


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