MAC Mini Haul

Good news! I have an actual blog post today.



So on New Years Day, my mom and I went over to Perimeter mall for a few hours. I had gotten a MAC gift card. I was originally planning on holding it until Zac Posen’s line was released in February, but I needed foundations now.


For the past couple of months I’ve been wearing Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm. Then putting MAC Studio Fix on top of it to make it matte. It was okay, but then I decided to give the Maybelline Dream Fresh a try in the Acne Treatment formula. Eh. I felt the coverage was a little better but it did look off  in flash photos. I didn’t notice any difference it in helping my skin either. So I decided to try MAC’s BB.



It doesn’t come in their usual number system, but deep dark worked best to match my skin tone.



This is it when it first goes on. It’s really oily, there’s sunscreen in it so I expected that. The coverage is better but if you’re looking for a full coverage formula, I’d recommend Studio Fix line. I don’t like feeling like I have a lot of makeup on so that’s why I’m wearing more BB creams and less coverage foundations.

I haven’t worn it yet with just the BB and a matte powder yet. I’m still playing around with all this.


I was recommended to put this on top to give me a matte finish.


This is what it looks like up close.


This is with both the BB Cream and Mineralize.



The last thing I got was a lipstick. Surprise surprise, it’s purple.


This is Instigator. It’s a matte lipstick.


Hi Penelope! When I saw this I really liked the burgundy, vampy color.




Oh and so there isn’t any confusion, I’m still wearing Maybelline and Studio Fix in these pictures.


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