Tuesday Tunes 16.1.26

Back to all Kpop this week. Rookies mixed with Veterans. Yesterday rookie girl group Gfriend released their video for Rough, their last school girl theme. Continuing with their cute concept, they gave us another upbeat bop with amazing choreography to go with it. I’m really hoping they’ll get some music show wins with this single.

CLC is another one of my favorite girl group rookies. I still listen to Pepe a lot despite it been about ten months old. CLC has really good music, but I think they get passed over a lot. Not as much as my other faves Lovelyz, but close lol.

These next two songs were song I discovered on Pandora. I’m not a huge Big Bang fan but, I do love TOP and Seungri, so I’m here for anything they do. I screamed when I saw pictures of TOP at Dior two days ago for Spring/Summer 2016. Anyway Don’t Leave is unexpected. Instead of a Hip Hop and R&B sound you usually here with Big Bang, for the GD and TOP sub unit it’s really upbeat, dancey type song. I downloaded it off of iTunes so fast. Be My Girl by JYJ has that early 2000s R&B vibe to it. It was another song I quickly bought.

I don’t have a lot of boy groups I really stan. If they aren’t Shinee, Vixx, or Exo, I’m pretty in different. I’ve recently added BTS, Seventeen, and Monsta X to that list. Now there’s groups like Super Junior, B.A.P., Got7, Teen Top, and 2PM that are exceptions. I listen to their music and follow certain members of the group but I don’t stan them. There’s a difference lol. So when I first heard Rush mini album, I fell in love. Well wait, after I saw Hero mv, I fell in love. It’s such a good song. Rush is such a good mini album. Amen and Hero are my favorites. Amen is like the chill version of Hero. They both parallel to me. Today is I.M’s birthday so I included Amen in the playlist to celebrate.


Okay so now we’re all caught up. I feel much better!




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