70’s Vibes




I always feel so accomplished whenever I post an OOTD. I love beauty reviews (I actually plan on finishing Purple Reign Series this week, fingers crossed), Tuesday Tunes (I really enjoy talking about music), and Planner post (I bring this up because after I post this, there will be a planner/journal post), but I feel like I get a little sidetracked. OOTD post keep me on track.

That being said, I took this pictures Friday? Thursday? Yeah, according to my planner it was Thursday lol.  My mom and I went over to the town center and ate over at Golden Seven for lunch. It was really good. I should have taken pictures. I got sesame chicken. Next time I want to try their bubble tea.  Then we went over to a cupcake shop a few stores down. They were alright, but not Sprinkles. They have the best cupcakes in my opinion.

Fashion wise I’m a huge fan of the femininity of clothing the 40’s and 50’s. The still feminine but rebellious fashion of the 60’s. But when it comes to the 70’s I’m pretty indifferent. It’s not the first few decades that come to mind as my personal favorite fashion wise. Thursday’s outfit, I felt like fit the new reemergence of the 70’s trend in fashion. I bought this top at Zara last month on sale. There was another color but I really liked this one. I thought it would be a nice mix in my gray-scale closet.

Cardigan: SheIn

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: American Eagle (it’s been ages since I’ve wore boot cut jeans so often)




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