Tuesday Tunes 16.2.23

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Lee Taemin’s solo comeback.


To be more specific, robber Lee Taemin that hoodie leather jacket combo omgggg

If you haven’t guessed this weeks tunes are all Taemin centric. I’ve been waiting for his solo comeback since October when the rumors started of him having a comeback.  I was just minding my own business Valentine’s day then suddenly on there’s all these teasers for Taemin’s comeback. I wanted to run around the house screaming in excitement but I contained my feels and channeled it into my Tumblr.

Fast foward to yesterday morning around 4:33. I woke up to watch Taemin’s showcase on V app at 5. It ended up starting late, but totally worth it. Minho, Onew, and Jonghyun supporting Taemin was really adorable.

I’m a stan. I love all of Shinee so much. They were my first k-boy group so I’m super sentimental towards them. Jonghyun nearly killed me during Base era. His gray hair and then that blonde brown combination. Yes.  Key is such a fashion heaux so he’s totally relatable. Minho is super sweet, super attractive, and his bond with Suho is the cutest thing ever. Onew…his vocals.. his existence, just wow. But occasions like this reminds me how attached I am to Taemin and that he’s the ultimate fave. 


I preordered Press It and I will review it once I get it. I’ve listened to the whole album on Spotify  and I love it. It’s so different from Ace but similar. A little less R&B and more house music, but perfect.


These are my favorite songs from the album

Drip Drop is my favorite song. I love the performance dance video to it. Taemin’s harness thing he had on reminded me of his belt thing around his thigh during Danger and in Your Number. I’m still recovering from Press Your Number. I really enjoy music videos that had a lot of thought and meaning behind them. This is one of them. In the showcase Taemin talked about how he liked the guitars in One By One, that’s part of why I enjoy it too. That guitar riff is awesome. I looove the way he sings one by one. You body roll to it immediately. Most of the songs you can body roll to..I think that was part of the plan. Mystery Lover I like because it’s similar to One By One with a repetitive beat that’s kind of distracting. But it has a little bit more of an eerie vibe to it. Until Today I just like the flow and beat to it. It’s a really good song too.

Okay, I’m going to leave it at that.. Enjoy! Tell me what you favorite songs from Press It are in the comments.


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