Tuesday Tunes: Melting Edition



So we’re three months into 2016, and I’ve already have two  albums I know will be added to my favorite albums of 2016. Last week was all about my thirst love for Taemin. This week is all about one of my two my absolute favorite rookie girl groups,  Mamamoo. Today’s tunes are from their first full length album, Melting. Well more like Melting era. I Miss You is a pre-release R&B ballad and not actually included on the album, but I couldn’t skip it. It’s too good to not be included. That’s my kind of ballad. Like Taemin’s Press It, Melting is excellent from start to finish. I wanted to include all of the songs, but I narrowed it down to my faves.

The album still carries that that jazzy signature Mamamoo sound. The saxophone in Words Don’t Come Easy makes sure you know you know that. This gets carried on through You’re The Best and really doesn’t change until Friday Night. Then we transition to an R&B sound. This is one of my favorites because I wasn’t expecting anything like it. It reminds me a lot of these R&B duets that are popular in K-Hip Hop and R&B right now like Love Belt and Solo. Mamamoo and Junggigo are perfect together. Emotion is more upbeat and poppy compared to the previous songs. It kind of reminds me of Ariana Grande’s You’ll Never Know. By the time I finished Melting I confirmed two things:

1.) I love Mamamoo

2.) I’m definitely going to get the physical album for Melting.

I’m hoping for a #FirstWinMamamoo with You’re The Best.

Tell me what some of your favorite songs or albums are of 2016 so far in the comments. Happy Tunesday!

Update: It looks like the English sub of  Emotion got taken down from Youtube, I’ll link a new one once it’s available.


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