Tuesday Tunes 16.3.8

It’s Tunesday and today we have a slightly different set up.



First on our list is Seo In Guk. Seo In Guk released Seasons of the Heart today. As expected from his musical style we received another amazing  ballad. I became a fan of his because of his role in Remember Me. So when I stumbled across Would You, I was surprised to hear him sing and it be really good. I haven’t made it through the rest of his discography yet, but I’m sure I’ll be in love.



Also released today, Hold My Hand is from Lee Hi’s new mini album Seoulite. This song is more of an upbeat ballad. There’s so much I have to say about this video. I loved everything about it. It was beautifully done. Her outfits are super cute. I love the different pixel images that appear though out the video. It totally worth watching this video just for the imagery and fashion.



Next we have Jimin of AOA and Xiumin of Exo with Call You Bae. This song and video are both really cute and creative. I was surprised Jimin was having a solo right after AOA Cream. I knew when the two of them teamed up it was going to be cute. They looked so cute together throughout the video. It has that same poppy ballad sound as Hold My Hand. And if you look close enough Jimin and Lee Hi wear the same red sweater that says real.



I haven’t really paid too much attention to Fifth Harmony in the past, but Work From Home has caught my attention. I might have to look into more of their music. I love the R&B direction they went with this. Lately I haven’t been impressed with a lot of these remixes or original song with rap features because they sound like two different songs crammed together. Ty Dollar $ign actually adds to the song. I’m sold.


I’ve been a fan of Years & Years ever since I heard Sunlight Sunlight Remix (which is basically a slowed version) and King last year, but because I’ve been sucked in the Kpop world, I forgot to actually check out their album when it was released. It’s really good. I like it when singles sound just like the rest of the album. Then when the album is cohesive and you can listen to it from start to finish. You get that satisfaction feeling that similar to  when you get your way. Don’t  be surprised to see more of songs from Communion in future Tuesday Tunes is what I’m trying to say. Desire got its own music video on the 3rd. I didn’t really care for the version with Tove Lo so I linked an audio of the original song. But the caps above are from the version with Tove Lo. Desire doesn’t sound too different from King, but it isn’t the same song twice you know? I love the consistency.


Tell me what you think of the new Tuesday Tunes layout in the comments! Enjoy 🙂


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