Tuesday Tunes 16.3.15

Tunesday Tunesday Tunesday!



Kicking this week’s Tunesday with Fiestar. You may remember from February 9th Tuesday Tunes I talked about Yezi and her solo. Her group Fiestar released Mirror on March 7th and their mini album is excellent. They have a slow sensual dark concept in this music video. I think it sounds similar to You’re Pitiful, but it’s not the exact song all over.



Dancing flawlessly and dressed athleisure, Brave Girls have stolen my heart with their new song Deepened. Released February 15, it has a simliar vibe to Fiestar’s Mirror and Nine Muses Yes or No. These ladies sing about a boy not treating them right. Fiestar went in a gothic mature sound. Brave Girls took more of an R&B route. You can’t help but dance once the beat drops in the chorus.


Nine Muses Yes or No is from their S/S Edition mini album released last summer. It was one of my favorite releases from last year.  One of my favorite things about this music video is that they had complete control over this concept. They used their Instagram accounts to tell the story. They are the only group I know of that have used this creative concept last year. So if Fiestar were sensual goths and Brave Girls are street dancers, what are Nine Muses? Listening to the whole album you have that same laid back summer beach party girls vibe. So 9M are beach muses in this case.


Now getting into the sexy concepts. Jay Park felt like we needed another R&B bop from him and release All I Wanna Do the same day as Fiestar’s Mirror. I think I’ve mentioned before my love for Jay Park. He is my ‘problematic fave’. I feel like in order to truly get Jay Park, you have to disregard the thirst in some most of his songs and not take it too seriously. For example the line in All I Wanna Do If you don’t know me then you better stay the f*** outta my section, unless you Tinashe. Tell me that isn’t pure gold. You can hear it in his voice that he’s smiling and laughing. Then he just continues that song like nothing happened. I love it. You just can’t take it too seriously. You just sway along and have a good time.  All I wanna Do is English that has crossover potential to be played in mainstream U.S. radio.


Then we have these a******* playing around with peoples feelings, Exo. I have a lot of questions for SM Entertainment, but at the very top of my list would be why did we never get a Playboy music video? From seeing the performance versions on Youtube…maybe SM did the fans a favor this time.

I have a hard time picking my favorite song from Exodus (Korean version). I think it’s a tie between What If and Playboy. Before Playboy was released I heard that Jonghyun from Shinee wrote it, so I knew it would be good. It wasn’t expecting it to be a potential favorite song good. Playboy is a continuation of many slow R&B  sound Exo has perfected. The first seconds of the song starts off with Kai saying hey playboy then everything goes down hill from there. I’m already in the floor crying.

I’m going to leave it at that. I feel like the more I talk about it, my fangirl form will be out on display.


Picture from here,Video here

I linked a Playboy live performance edit that is Kai focused because I’m a Kai  stan and Sehun is my second fave, so Sekai partnered up is both a blessing and a misfortune for me.



And don’t forget to watch everything here^^

Let me know what you think of this weeks tunes in the comments. Enjoy ♥ ♥ ♥


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