Tuesday Tunes 16.3.22

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve already seen what this weeks tunes are.

This was supposed to be up yesterday, but running errands with my mom ran a bit later than I expected. So let’s get started!


Got7 Fly was released on the 20th. For some reason I missed the trailer to Fly so when I saw the music video first I didn’t really understand what was going on. After watching the trailer and the music video again


besides not really understanding the concept behind the music video other than flying…maybe I’m over thinking it, I did really enjoy it. As a Jackson stan, I love that he had more of a role in Fly. I really loved that it was heavily rap centric. The choreography!! I was hoping after If You Do we would have another amazing memorable choreography routine. I really hope I can see them this summer for their first solo U.S. tour.



I didn’t like High Heels by CLC at first. I felt it was too bubblegum pop and back tracked from Pepe. I loved the visuals of the video and the girls looked so cute in their outfits.But the short version they released February 28th didn’t make sense to me. Mainly due to the confusion going around about one of the new members of the group, Kwon Eubin, who is still in participating the the Mnet reality show Produce 101. I was worried because  CLC is one of my favorite rookie groups, it looked like Cube didn’t know what they were doing with the girls. Thus, potentially screwing up their chance at success.

On the 20th, the full release of High Heels music video was released. After re-listening I find High Heels gets catchier the more you listen to it. Cube also has released clarifications  on Kwon Eubin’s status. Basically if she doesn’t make it into the final 11 member Produce 101  group, she has CLC to fall back on. She also will not be participating in promoting with CLC for this current comeback.  I feel better. Sort of. Pepe is still my favorite.



Next we have Dean back with  Bonnie & Clyde, from his new EP 130 mood: TRBL. Released on the 21st,  Dean stayed true to his R&B sound and artsy music video aesthetics, this time focusing more on a theatrical video for Bonnie & Clyde. Not too much else to say about this other  then to sum it up with one word, perfection.



Continuing into Hip Hip and R&B sound, KittiB and Verbal Jint with Doin’ Good. KittiB, you may remember from Sse Sse Sse released Doin’ Good on the 21st. She raps about a her personal experience with domestic violence with  a man that made her feel worthless and how she overcame and is now self-reliant and no one can stop her from becoming the star she is destined to be. Beside the catchy I’m doin’ doin’ doin’ doin’ good good hook and the instrumentals, the lyrics are A+. Hated my self but believed in me too.  I’m done with throwing question marks at myself, no one can make me fall now…I won’t be looking for myself in other people.. In me I trust, I’m doing fine with out you. I’m keeping a close eye on upcoming music from KittiB.



Switching from Kpop to Alternative…pop…I’m not really sure how to classify The 1975. But The 1975 are one of my favorite bands. I saw them live back in 2014 and they were great live. I always fear second albums, but The 1975 stuck to the same sound that was on their first album. The Sound is one of my faves from I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware. The 1975 bringing back long a** song titles in 2016 lol. The album is exactly what I wanted. I will be listening to this album on repeat the rest of the year like I’ve done with their first album. OH! And the use of pink for this album? I love it.


Enjoy ♥♥♥


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