Tuesday Tunes 16.5.16

There’s so many reasons why I love May.

My birthday, school letting out,  Mavel movies/ start of summer movie season and the start of summer Kpop releases!!

Since I’ve missed a few weeks, there a few videos I added as catch up tunes. I’m going to go in order of newest to oldest releases.


Kicking things off with my favorite male rookie group, Monsta X. I think I’ve mentioned my love of/for them before…so I’ll keep it short. I fell in love with them during Hero/Amen (Rush era) promotions. After watching a few of their videos on 1TheK YouTube and seeing how goofy  they are made me a stan. So when I heard about their comeback for The Clan Part. 1 Lost I was extremely excited for it.

When I heard the album mini preview a few days ago I knew it was going to sound amazing. I was expecting All In to be released tomorrow (well today technically since it’s midnight now lol) I had forgotten the 13 hour or so time difference between Atlanta and Seoul, so when I saw Monsta X trending on Facebook and the music video for All In being released I stopped what I was doing to watch it.

Totally worth it. I’ve watched the music video a few times now and I’m still trying to process everything that went down (and scream about how good Minhyuk looks with white hair, dark hair Hyungwon is back, and blonde Wonho. I wasn’t feeling Wonho’s new hair color at first but I love it now).

I love it when music videos make you think.  All In is consistent with their hip hop sound. You can always tell a Monsta X song by their obnoxious horns in their beats lol.

I keep checking iTunes to see if the mini album is up yet. I can’t wait to see them perform this.


Released May 16th, my second ultimate bias (queen) Jessica returned to Kpop with an inspirational pop bop. Fly features Fabolous, yes THAT Fabolous, it is a little cheesy but I love it. His rap in the song flows well and doesn’t sound like it’s two different songs smashed together. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.The visuals in the video were planned really well. I like the art vibe to it. I kept rewatching this video just to look at her  outfits throughout the video. My favorite look is the multi-color dress towards the end of the video when she’s dragging her suitcase.

Love Me The Same was released yesterday, I liked the preview of it Jessica played during her V app stream but I actually enjoy Fly more.



A-A-A-A-A-A-A-O-A, saving Kpop and summer sixteen before it happens with Good Luck. The perfect follow up to Like A Cat, no offense but I’m going to pretend Heartattack didn’t happened. I like the music video but the song itself wasn’t my favorite. I do like the mini album, Chocolate is my favorite song. Anyway, back to Good Luck, Good Luck is sassy confident song that to me, is the type of song where AOA really shines. I haven’t heard the rest of Good Luck mini album but if it’s anything like the single, I know I’ll have it on replay for the next few weeks.



Oh my goodness. My other favorite OT7 back at it again.  BTS Save Me music was released on the 15/16th so I was a mess on Sunday watching AOA’s video and then BTS’. When I first heard Save Me I was surprised BTS went in an EDM direction on a song. They’re typically more Hip Hop and R&B (ie: Fire). They pulled Save Me off so flawlessly. I was hoping we’d get a music video for it and that it would be dance focused. BTS and flawless choreography are interchangeable. My only complaint was this was a pain in the a** to screen cap lol.

Oh and I want to say how much I love Taehyung with red hair, I love it A LOT.

Okay I’m done.



Don’t @ me but I’m more of a Zion T or Zion T and Crush fan than a Crush solo fan.

Or rather I was until Woo Ah. Woo Ah reminded me to stop sleeping on Crush. The music video is so pretty (I’m a sucker for pink) and the not so subtle innuendos for sex are fun too lol. Woo Ah was released back on the 6th. I’ve been listening to it since then. I can’t not talk about K-R&B bops like this.



If you were to ask me at what point did I die during Fire music video I would direct you to 0:55, hence Suga being the first picture above^^. Fire was released on the 1st. As I mentioned before I live for BTS choreo. Mix this in with them showing off their silly sides (ie: Taehyung ironing Jin while the others watch and dance around) and an upbeat track and you got a win. Let me list some of my other favorite things about this video:

  • J-Hope in ripped black skinny jeans #MyAestheticAlways
  • Those round shaped sunglasses that keep popping up in various Kpop music videos and Rap Mon wearing them at different parts of the video
  • J-Hope in shorts because again #aesthetics I really like his legs okay
  • Jungkook riding around on the bicycle looking at the guy that caught on fire
  • Jimin in that orange sweater looking like he’s waiting to meet his rich parents for tennis
  • Taehyung’s brown fringe jacket
  • My second fave Jin’s existence, I felt like it was important to list that lol
  • Jin’s blonde hair (it’s finally grown on me too but I miss his dark hair)

So yeah….let’s move on.


My underappreciated faves Lovelyz came back with Destiny (and a killer mini album that’s just as poppy as Destiny) on April 24th. I know I talked about May being my favorite for summer releases but I would have included into May 2nd Tuesday Tunes if I wasn’t buried in Retail Buying homework.

Destiny reminds me of something Apink would release. I mean that in a good way. It also reminds me of a school Anime theme song. I liked that the video is pretty simple. The use of circles in the videos. Sometimes direct translations of the lyrics being included in the music video are boring but I felt like in this case it kept things entertaining. I kept wondering what other things were going to be spinning.

And there we have it!! I hope you enjoyed this recap Tunesday and my embarrassing commentary. It’s going to get worse.

Let me know what you favorite song from this week’s post is in the comments.

Enjoy ♥ ♥ ♥




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