Rihanna Anti World Tour

Late but worth the wait.


Wednesday night I finally saw one of my favorite artist Rihanna. Originally the Atlanta show was one of the first dates of the tour, but it got pushed back to May. Although I had two months to plan what I was going to wear, I still had no idea the day of. Typical Ashliegh.

Remembering how numerous people were dressed at the Nicki Minaj concert last summer, like they were going to the club probably were afterwards, I decided to keep it simple. I chose a tank top in case it got hot, jeans in case someone split alcohol (no alcohol issues just marijuana clouds throughout the venue, it was really bad), and the kimono to complete the look. I love this kimono from Abercrombie and Fitch so much, but the fringe always gets caught on things around the house.

  • Kimono: Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Tank: Marshalls
  • Jeans: Forever 21


My mom and I rode MARTA down to the Phillips arena. We were hoping we would miss Travis Scott’s set because the show started at 7:30, we arrived a little after 8. I wanted to get a shirt before the show so we didn’t have to deal with the long lines for merch afterwards. I decided to get a hat instead.  I’ve been wanting a baseball cap for a few months now and I can wear it with more things. $30 well spent.


Unfortunately we we right on time for Travis Scott…yay.


His set was about an hour, or it felt like it. He has good stage presence and he’s really great at interacting with the crowd. He even hung out in the pit and let a fan rap. I just can’t stand that style of music. Him, Future, Fetty Wap, they all sound the same to me.


Luckily after him was Rihanna so we had about a half hour break in between their sets. She walked out in a long white hoody like jacket and walked up some stairs.


Her first song was Stay, then Love the Way You Lie. The next songs was a complete change of mood. She walked on to a swing stage they use for window cleaning and danced and sung to Woo and Sex With Me.


She rode the swing stage all the way over to the main stage. It was so cool but I was scared for her, because she was jumping around and twerking so it swung around a lot lol.

She had a few wardrobe changes. I call the one below Rhi-ceratops (I thought her hood made her look like a dinosaur).


I had read a few reviews on her outfits for the tour. I didn’t want it spoiled so I read what people thought and saw one of her outfits. I wasn’t expecting it to be so minimalist.  The last two looks I really enjoyed.  She first wore the brown coat with her hair covered, underneath was this glittery see-through fringe jumpsuit.

From here and here


That was the Rihanna look I was expecting. I love how she takes risks when it comes to fashion (and music). She knows what she likes and is very particular about what she wears. I immediately turned to my mom to tell her how much I loved this look.

The last look was also brown. It looked really comfy. I like the throwback to the oversized pants and jackets that were popular in the 90’s.


She was flawless. I had so much fun dancing and singing along. She was pretty funny too. I would see her again live. Hopefully with a better choice for an opening act.

Songs in semi-correct order

  • Stay
  • Love the Way You Lie
  • Woo
  • Sex With Me
  • Birthday Cake
  • Pour It Up
  • Numb (one of my favorites from Unapologetic)
  • Pose
  • Consideration
  • Live Your Life
  • All of the Lights (another fave)
  • Run This Town
  • Umbrella
  • Desperado
  • Man Down (fave)
  • Rude Boy (fave)
  • Work (faave)
  • Take Care
  • We Found Love/ How Deep Is Your Love (I loved this mashup)
  • Where Have You Been
  • Diamonds
  • FourFiveSeconds
  • Needed Me
  • Love On the Brain
  • Same Ol’ Mistakes (faaaavvveee)
  • Kiss It Better (I didn’t like this one at first but now I’m in love with it)


I have now seen all three of my favorite solo female artist!


So what concerts have you guys been to recently? Who would you recommend seeing live? Tell me in the comments 🙂


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