Oscar de la Renta Expressions

I usually take ootd pictures on Friday but post them later. So I really really productive today lol.


Today’s outfit is a vintage Oscar de la Renta Expressions crop top I found on Ebay last year for around $10 I think? It’s from the 1980s. It’s silk so light weight and there’s built in shoulder pads, I love it.

And of course black skinny jeans because I love black skinny jeans.


I meant to have my bag shown in this picture but it got cut out. I still really like this picture though.

Top: Oscar De La Renta Expressions

Jeans: Forever 21

Bag: Micheal Kors


You might have noticed my hair is different again. I’m a Gemini, we have short attention spans and get bored really easily. Being a fashion lover it doesn’t help my itch for trying new trends and expand my personal style.

I decided to go back to my natural hair in May and I’ve been playing around with different styles. I tried to do my own box braids this week for the first time. It was a struggle but I’m happy with the results! I think the next time I put my own braids in things will go much more smoothly.

Oh and if anyone has any tips for braids let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Oscar de la Renta Expressions

    • ashlieghcheyenne says:

      Thanks! I think I typed in something like vintage designer women’s clothing on Ebay then sorted from lowest price. If you have a brand in mind you can search vintage Versace for example. I randomly ran across this top browsing. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I’m actually going to go back to finding more pieces this way lol.


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