Got7 Concert OOTD

This is from a over a month ago


Three main reasons of why this post is so late is because;

  1. The move
  2. My chronic procrastination
  3. Got7 got me like ↓↓↓↓↓


Even though its been a month since I saw them, they still got me in my feelings. My Tumblr likes has an embarrassing amount of Got7 right now. This gif also accurately depicts how I feel about Monsta X right now too lol.

Let’s get into this look!


I always forget to wear shoes for these ootd pics. My new room has a walk in closet so I’ll remember to wear shoes because I’ll have a larger closet to keep them in.


You can see more of the tennis pleats than in my thrift haul post. My hair looks so short. I had twisted them pretty tightly so they  would last longer. When I went to fluff out my hair they  weren’t trying to work with me lol.


I say this almost every ootd post but I really didn’t know what I wanted to wear. Concerts are tricky to dress for. I like wearing skirts because they’re easier to dance in (I always wear bike shorts underneath). I couldn’t decide on a top this day.


I love this blouse from BCBG. I don’t remember if I have posted pictures wearing it before on here. I found it on sale at the BCBG outlet. I think it was about $25 or so? So worth it. It might have been a little too dressy for a concert but I felt cute so that’s all that mattered.

  Pussybow blouses and dresses are so feminine and elegant. I need to incorporate more of them into my wardrobe.  They’re my favorite.

Blouse: BCBG

Skirt: Park Avenue Thift

For the actual concert I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted because cameras weren’t allowed. So I ended up taking videos on my phone.


This one wasn’t too bad. You can kinda see their sparkly blazers.The picture below was from the end of the show. I’m still mad I wasn’t able to get a Fly t-shirt. I STILL WANT ONE.


I uploaded videos of the concert on my IG if you haven’t seen them yet. It was so much fun. I want to see them again!



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