Fenty Puma Slides

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

I was so excited to hear Rihanna was appointed as creative director for Puma’s womenswear line.  When I saw the Fall 16 clothing line I wasn’t that impressed, but I loved the shoes. However getting a pair of Fenty Puma shoes like the creepers or slides is nearly impossible  because they sell out as soon as they’re back in stock.

This time around my notifications for anytime Rihanna post something on Instagram had paid off.When she announced on August 5th a restock and new color of the slides in gray, I had to get them. After a few seconds thinking over what color I should get, I ordered gray, and on the 13th they arrived in the mail.


I love how sleek and minimal the box is.


On Puma’s website they recommend going down a size but I have a heard time finding shoes large enough to even fit, so I got the biggest size available.


On the inside there’s a velvet bag to store the slides in.


I wasn’t expecting a shoe bag. I think I’m going to use it for something else though. I love the giant Fenty embroidery.


The inside isn’t as soft as the outside.


Closeup of the Puma symbol.


 It was so hard to get these balanced lol.


The actual sole of these are firmer than I had expected. There’s a decent amount of arch support in them.


My favorite part, fluffy upper of the shoe.


Underneath is a soft foam.


Closeup of the logo.


In the front of the Fenty Puma Slides  you can really feel this indent right behind your toes. It bugs me if I’m just standing in them for long periods of time but walking I don’t really notice it anymore.


This was actually the first picture I took of the Fenty Puma Slides in the car. I tired to take  pictures of them in different lighting. Some lighting the blue undertone is really prominent.


These pictures were from the first half day of wearing them. Now that it’s been a week I love them even more. They’re comfortable and perfect for summer. I want to get a pair in black and pink next.


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