Seoul Fashion Week S/S 17 Favorite Looks: Ladies Edition

Today is the first day of Tokyo Fashion Week, but I really wanted to share some of my favorite Seoul Fashion Week S/S 17 looks.

In the past I didn’t really notice Korean fashion. I didn’t even know they had a fashion week. It wasn’t until  I started listening to Kpop I’ve started paying attention Korean fashion. I’ve always enjoyed Tokyo’s forward fashion. Tokyo Fashion Week is one of my favorites after London and Paris. But I think now South Korea is seeing growth within their fashion industry and Seoul is getting recognition as a fashion hub. Seoul Fashion Week  is in my top five favorite fashion cities now.

Let’s start with my favorite ladies looks!

5.) Kim Jisook of Rainbow

Jisook is my favorite member of Rainbow. Her style is very cute and feminine. She doesn’t really stand out as a trendsetter, she’s just consistently stylish. She wore this sweater dress on her way to Beyond Closet show.

Here are two other outfits she wore to Seoul Fashion Week

4.) Yoon Bora of Sistar

I loved everything about this look. It’s  casual and effortless.  The addition of heels really dresses up the whole look. I like that it looks like she decided to slay last minute for  Munsookwon show.

I also like that she made a collage for us of her fashion week looks.


3.) Moon Hyuna formerly of Nine Muses

 My second  favorite Hyuna looks so elegant for Caruso’s show. My jaw dropped when I saw the second picture. That slit in the back!! I have no words other than wow. And I should get some red trousers.

2.) Lee Suhyun of AKMU Musician

So pink, so cute! I love monochrome outfits and I love pink. The patches give a tiny taste of indie fashion but keep the blazer youthful on Suhyun. This pink suit is such a feminine take on the power suit and could have almost aged Suhyun unnecessarily. And I think if they hadn’t chosen a dark accessory to break the look up. it also wouldn’t have worked.

1.) Kim Hyuna formerly of 4Minute

My favorite outfit worn by my favorite solo artist. I chose Hyuna as number 1 favorite because I like the that she didn’t just wear something stylish that was safe. Fashion is supposed to be fun and adventurous. There should be some risk taken, and fashion week is the perfect time to showcase that. It gets boring when everyone plays it safe because they’re worried about getting labeled ‘worst dressed’.

Some other Hyuna SFW looks:

 And my other favorite outfit, Sewing Boundaries sweater from the F/W 16 collection.

See what I mean about risk taking? Taste is personal anyway. There’s always going to be a hater so you might as well do you.

Tomorrow I’ll rate my top 5 favorite male idol looks from Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017 ♥♥♥



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