Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017 Favorite Looks: Guys Edition

As promised today is about my favorite male idol fashion during Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017.

5.) Key (Kim Kibum) of Shinee

Key is the fashionista of Shinee so it’s no surprise he brought that image with him to  Charm’s show.  I think the metal studs on the trousers and blazer gave this look a slight punk look. I think the black and gray also help emphasize that look.

It’s hard to see in this picture but he has a cap on. I’ve noticed over the last year he’s been incorporating baseball caps into his wardrobe. I love that Key is big on accessories.

4.)  Moon Jongup of B.A.P

This was from Jongup’s first S/S 17 show. He and fellow group member Himchan went together to Beyond Clothing show. My first thought when I saw this outfit is that this is totally Jongup. I’ve noticed he really likes wearing ripped skinny jeans, boots, and stripes. You know those fashion blogs that talk about outfit formulas for your signature look? This is a perfect example of that.

This is his second day look when he went with his other group member Zelo to JKOO.

See how he’s wearing boots and black trousers pants again?

3.) Zelo (Choi Junhong ) of B.A.P

 Let me back track a little bit. Remember when I mentioned Himchan and Jongup went to Beyond Clothing fashion show the first day of Seoul Fashion Week? Well me and other Zelo stans were like:


Then the next day Zelo and Jongup walked the blue carpet for JKOO. It was like our fashion prayers were answered sorta. Whether he walked in a show or not didn’t matter to me. I just wanted Zelo to be there knowing that he’s interested in fashion.

 Back to Zelo’s actual outfit, the first thing that caught my attention was this striped denim jacket. When I zoomed in it looks like there’s pink in the jacket. So we have a nice pop of color to contrast the dark blue, gold buttons that match his sweater and hair color, and black trousers that showcase Zelo’s long slim legs.

2.) Jung Ilhoon of BTOB

I was talking to Aly the other week about how little I know about BTOB other than they’re hilarious on variety shows and good friends with VIXX. Now I know they have great style. Or at least Ilhoon does.

There’s so many things I love about this look™. Let’s start head to toe. That navy Parisian style hat! There’s something about navy and pink that just looks so good together. Then the navy violet color in the lenses. Circlular sunglasses are really on trend and I hate I haven’t found a pair that works for me yet. Ilhoon pulls them off nicely.

Going back to the pink blazer with a thin strip of white trim. I need it. Then he has a long necklace. Something I don’t see often on guys. I like the black belt with the embellishment on the end of it, I haven’t seen anything like that. Ankle cut light wash jeans are also on trend. To complete the outfit he has two tone shoes! Wow.

1.) Ravi (Kim Wonshik) of VIXX

Ilhoon’s outfit was A+ but for number one I had to go with Ravi. Ravi’s style outside of group styling is heavily Hip Hop influenced. So it was a nice surprise to see him in a polished editorial like outfit.

Here’s the rest of this look. I chose the picture above because it wasn’t so whitewashed.

I think that’s why I like this look so much. It reminds me of something that would be featured in Vogue Korea or another high fashion magazine. It’s very appropriate for Seoul Fashion Week. The sweater neck covering his chin isn’t something I see the general public wearing at first. I think it would be seen a goofy then trendy.


I like these pajama stripe shirts (like Jongup was also wearing). It’s one of my favorite trends, luxious sleepwear everywhere. He’s wearing that editor tucked in shirt look. I want to point of the mix of stripes for the coat and shirt.You would think the large stripes with small stripes would clash but you almost don’t notice. Speaking of coats,  Ravi is 183 cm or 6ft tall so an oversized long coat like this works great for him.

 I love skinny jeans on guys because I like seeing their legs. Especially if they have nice proportions like Ravi does. Ripped skinny jeans just make everything better.

Finally let’s talk shoes. His boots are a dark brown that work excellent with the light tan jacket. I love that he’s wearing multiple shades of brown. It keeps the look interesting because he’s pretty much only wearing neutral colors except for his jeans.

Omg this too waaayyyy longer than I expected but I wanted to make sure I explained why I liked these specific outfits and talked about details in these looks. So I hoped y’all enjoyed. Here’s prince Jeonghan from Seventeen to say goodbye:


See y’all next post♥♥♥


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