Old Navy Dresses

I started working on this post about two weeks ago. I thought I had it saved but I couldn’t find it. So I decided to start over. Then I found the draft.


Today’s post is about my Old Navy dress collection I’ve accidentally started. When I was younger my mom shopped at Old Navy for me all the time for school uniforms and regular clothes. After I switched schools in middle school I no longer needed uniforms so we stopped shopping there. Early this spring I decided to checkout what they had for dresses.

I came across this strapless navy and white gingham dress.

old-navy-gingham-dress-stylecookiejar-1 old-navy-gingham-dress-stylecookiejar-2

It’s really lightweight and perfect for summer.


I wore it so much over the summer. It’s one of my favorite dresses I own at the moment. After finding this one for about $12 on sale I went back and bought a few more dresses over the months. That’s how the collection begun.

The next dress is similar to the first one but in black and white.


I think this dress is a few inches longer than the first but it’s still lightweight. It’s the same type of polyester cotton fabric.


I’ve worn it a few times with a mustard yellow belt but I don’t have any pictures.


Here’s a closeup of the pattern of this dress.


I feel like the two pictures I have for this next dress don’t do it justice.


It’s very simple but comfortable. I like wearing this with a white short sleeved shirt. Since it’s finally cool enough to wear long sleeve, I want to try that with this dress.


The final dress I think I wear almost as much as the first.


I think it’s always important to have different variations of black dresses. They’re flattering and easy to dress up. Great for what I like to call lazy day outfits, outfits where you don’t spend a lot of time putting them together but you want to look nice for the day out.

Here’s so closeup of the eyelets fabric.


And here’s a selfie of me when I was shopping at Hollister a few weeks ago.


That’s the mustard yellow belt I mentioned earlier. I found it at Forever 21 for $8.

I forgot to add this dress to the featured image. This photo was taken while we were house hunting.


This one was also from Old Navy! I love it too. I think I might have paid full price for it but it wasn’t more than $15, none of these dresses were. I would look through my receipts but I don’t feel like going upstairs to check lol. 

I’e been kinda MIA, I’m in the last two weeks of the quarter then I’m on break until January 9th. I saw I’m at 71 followers here so I wanted to say thank you for following, new followers and old. Oh and have a Happy Thanksgiving!! For y’all that celebrate it.



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