Finally lol.

While preparing our trip to London I discovered an UK clothing company that specializes in wool, cashmere, and cotton knitwear. They had half off on their sweaters for their autumn season sale (or something like that) so I decided to take advantage of the sale.

Shipping was pretty quick. I ordered them on October 8th and they arrived on the 18th.


There was so much going on when this arrived stuffed in the mailbox, I forgot I even ordered them I do a lot of online shopping.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I love red. Red is an important color  in my wardrobe. I also wear a ton of white so I thought of getting a well made white sweater would be a good idea.


 I wanted to get a gray oversize coat for the trip. I found my dream coat at Madewell and I bought it on Monday . They had 30% off purchases over $200 and 25% that specific coat.


I ended up getting it for $161. It’s perfect. It’s mostly wool (60%) with nylon and polyester. I’ll post what it looks like in person in another blog post. Let’s get back to the sweaters.

The first sweater I want to talk about this the red Lambswool.


It was made in Italy and is 100% lambswool. It’s extremely light weight and soft.In some of their sweaters it’s recommended to order down a size. Especially in their unisex pieces. Usually  I wear mediums. Sometimes I’ll go up to a large so I don’t have to worry about it shrinking in the dryer. In both sweaters I ordered smalls. This sweater is closer to true size than the white cable knit sweater, in that one I would recommend downsizing. In this red sweater it isn’t really necessary.


The front and the back look the same so I just uploaded the one picture.

Full price: $52

Sale price: $32

Next is the white cable knit sweater.


I love this sweater. It’s really heavy and thick. I think it will be absolutely perfect for London.

Now for some closeup detail pics!


I wasn’t familiar with Aran. It’s actually the style of sweater and comes from the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland. The off white color and cable pattern are what makes this Aran.


My only complaint with this sweater is it has a strong smell to it. Even after a wash I still can smell the chemicals that were used to treat the sweater so it can be machine washed. Hopefully this will fade after another wash.


Here you can really see the pattern of this sweater.


Like with the red sweater this sweater is also extremely soft. Towards the bottom of the sweater is a Woolover’s tag.


Here you can see the  signatures of approval throughout the sweater making process.  I really like seeing that. Details like that lets you know that what you bought/thinking of purchasing is good quality.


And finally we have pictures of what it looks like as a whole. It is a little big so I would recommend ordering down a size in this style.


It’s hard to show here in the first picture but the second shows the color better.


Full price: $68

Sale price: $32

Total price of both sweaters: $64

I haven’t worn either sweater yet in cold weather but I think I will be very warm in London. I’m really happy with this purchase and I can see myself buying more items from Woolovers in the future.


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