Christmas Vacation 2016

Last blog post I mentioned I wanted to post one or two more blog post before I went on vacation. So today’s blog post is a quick packing for London post. 

I created a list in my bullet journal and it was extremely helpful (ignore my spelling errors, I’m super dependent on autocorrect lol). I’ve seen tons of other people plan their trips this way and I totally get why now. 

I recived my Longchamp Le Pilage large with the short handle on Wednesday of last week (I believe it was Wednesday).  I’m wearing a backpack so I skipped the tote option. I ordered it through Nieman Marcus for $138.  Typically I’d search around for a lower price but I scrambled around last minute trying to find a perfect carry on bag and settled on what I know. 

I love Longchamp’s totes because you can throw all your things in it and it’s made of a water resistant material (nylon) and a classy leather handle. 

And this is everything I’m carrying in it. I didn’t pack it too much to where it was heavy. The only things not included are my iPad (which is on the charger) and my phone. 

I tried to take a picture of my suitcase standing but it kept falling over. That’s why in the feature picture my suitcase is turned around, it won’t fall over that way. 

I went with a semi-capsule wardrobe:

  •  three turtle neck shirts (white, gray, and blue)
  • Two pairs of skinny jeans (black and dark wash denim)
  • One dress
  • Two skirts (mini a-line green tartan and a black circle skirt)
  • Denim jacket
  • Raincoat (it is London so I’m expecting rain)
  • Two sweaters (the Woolovers ones)

I’m wearing leggings (because they’re comfortable and there’s no way I’m wearing skinny jeans for 8 hours straight on a plane), a t-shirt (the striped dad shirt from my SheIn post), the grown cardigan (also from the SheIn post) and brown boots. 

Other things I have packed:

  • My red adidas (they’re in the bag)
  • Makeup, skincare, and hair products 
  • Umbrella 
  • Underwear and pj’s
  • Power adapter things (3 of them) 
  • Lint roller
  • Other toiletries 

And that’s pretty much it! If I can I’ll post some updates but I’ll be back December 30th. So Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and happy holidays! 


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