London Shopping Finds 2016

Now that I’ve got everything washed and ironed, now I can show y’all what I found across the pond.

The majority of what I found was at Westfield London mall at Shepherd’s Bush  during Boxing Day. There were so many shops and it was extraordinarily busy. It really is like Black Friday shopping here in the states. Overall I wasn’t really impressed with the sales I found in the stores  compared to American sales. I guess we’re a little spoiled.

The first store we went to was Superdry, a British brand that incorporates American and Japanese style in their clothing. Other than the packed store on Boxing day, I did notice quite a few people around London wearing Superdry clothing, so I think it’s safe to say it’s a popular brand. To me they’re like a mix of The North Face and Tilly’s. In store Superdry had 50% off on certain items. One of those was this dungaree (overall) dress.


I’ve had overall dress on my wardrobe must have list for a few months now. I love overalls and I love dresses so why not start a collection for overall dresses?


As some of you that have been following my blog for awhile y’all also know I’m a sucker for floral print.


My favorite part of the use of floral in this dress is the merlot color. It goes with that floral in fall concept I love.


On the back of the dress there’s the two long straps that connect to the a-line skirt. At the top of the skirt there’s a tag for Superdry.


It’s faded so it’s kinda hard to read.

Full price: £54.99 ($67.55)

Sale price: £27.49 ($33.77)

You can still find it online here

The other item I bought at Superdry was a t-shirt.


Continuing with a wine color scheme lol.


There were a few other colors like gray (I almost got instead) but I really like red and shades of red like the deep purple and light pinks.


Like the tag says its a boyfriend fit so it runs a little large but it’s so comfortable.


Full price: £22.99 ($28.24)

Now on sale for $14.75 online

The next item I want to talk about is sleepwear from M&S.


I’ve wanted pieces from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Autograph line with M&S (Marks&Spencer) since it was first announced a few years ago. Being in London I thought that would be the best time to get a set without having to deal with the international shipping fees.

We were dodging  families and couples out shopping and I noticed the sign for M&S  inside Westfield. I thought we’d have to go to Oxford or Bond street to find one. M&S reminded me a of a mix of Nordstrom (the layout and a cafe in store) with Dillard’s and Macy’s (about the same price range and had a lot of sales).

Here’s some closeups of the kimono and dress. It’s made of polyester but it’s a great silk dupe. It’s very soft but you have to be careful when washing it. I have it on cold water in the wash and let it air dry.


Rosie for Autograph tag.


And the dress and kimono on their own.


Dress full price: £16.50 ($20.27)

Kimono full price: £24.00 ($29.48)

It looks like the kimono is still available online for $25 here

One more last thing about this purchase. I was set to get the tax refund on this of £2.90 or about $3.56 but at the VAT office in the airport will only give you this refund if you have the items you bought with you at the time you go to claim. Having the receipt (filled out and signed by the sales associate) isn’t enough. So just a heads up for y’all since it wasn’t made clear to me lol.

Last purchases from Westfield are from Uniqlo. If you aren’t familiar with Uniqlo, they’re a Japanese brand similar to Gap and H&M. They provide basic clothing must haves like cardigans and trousers. They’re known for great quality clothing at a ‘low price’ meaning  closer to like Gap and Banana Republic. The layout of the store is similar to H&M.

The first item is an extra fine merino wool sweater.


It’s so soft and light weight.


Full price: £29.90 ($36.73)

Next is a turtle neck shirt.


It looks the same from the back so I just included one picture.

Here’s a close up of the print.


I saw a lot of women walking around the store with this shirt and I quickly found out why. It was normally £14.90 ($18.30) and was on sale for £2.90 ($3.56). So it’s cute and inexpensive.

Lastly I found a pair of flared wide leg pants.


It’s easy to mistake them for a long skirt until you look at the back and see the stitching.


And there’s pockets! A major plus.


I haven’t  worn these out yet but I think I’m going to  wear these often.

Full price: £19.90 ($24.45)

I also bought some socks, undershirts, and heat-tech tights in a burgundy color.

On to the Oxford street purchases!



One of my goals in London was to visit all the major department stores like M&S and Harrods (which wasn’t too far from our hotel). I was ecstatic to finally see what Selfridges was about after spending sometime studying it in my clothing and culture class.


 I was so focused on the clothes, the multiple mini stores inside of it, and the interior decorations. I forgot to take pictures of the inside of the store. My mom did a picture of me in front of the store though.

Selfridges had up to 50% off on certain items and other sales throughout the store in different departments. Selfridges, like Harrods carry hundreds of high end designer items. So 50% is pretty good for a non-outlet store. There were so many items I wanted like all of it. I stopped myself and picked a few items.


The first was this Moschino t-shirt. It’s made of cotton but it’s the softest and luxurious cotton shirt I own.


It was the only one left and was an extra small. I bought it anyway because it fit me fine lol.


Plus it was originally £190 ($233.40) and was on sale for £50 ($61) so I couldn’t pass that up.

Next purchases were from a brand I’m now in love with called Mini Cream.

I thought this shirt was so cute. I’m still in the process of overhauling my wardrobe. I decided when buying clothes to go for more unique pieces that I know I’ll wear frequently.


This is the logo for Mini Cream. It’s cute too!


Full price: £60 ($73)

Sale price: £30 ($36.85)

Next was a dress from Mini Cream but in the pictures here it looks more like a t-shirt.


This also has pockets!


Full price: £90 ($110.56)

Sales price: £50 ($61.42)

Final purchase from Oxford street was at Dr. Martens


I really wanted a pair and it’s hard for me to find shoes I like in my size. Luckily Dr. Martens carries my size and I love the styles. They had a few styles on sale in store.


I loved these because of the oxford loafer style and the animal print.


I decided to start breaking them in on our museum day. That was a good yet terrible idea. We did tons of walking that day but by the end of the day my feet were screaming.


I think I have one or two more days of wearing them out and they’ll be 100% comfortable. They’re at 90% at the moment.


And a closeup of the Viper print.


Full price: £90 ($110.56)

Sale price: £50 ($61.42)

Amount spent in total on clothing: £356.48 or $437.90

This was such a long post! But I hope it was enjoyable. I had so much fun taking in all the sites and clothing in London. I can’t wait to shop there again in the future.

I have two more posts for London I’m working on along with an OOTD and starting the music video posts back up. I’ll see y’all next post. Have a great rest of your day!



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