March Finds & Flops

Self explanatory right?

I’ve had at least three different ways I wanted to write this blogpost. I’ve seen bloggers and vloggers have their monthly finds and I thought, why not? But since most of my online shopping comes from eBay, it can take about a month to arrive. One major downside of free or super cheap shipping.  Some of these items I found/ordered back in January or February.

Then, I had the issue of narrowing down my list.  Determining what was worth sharing and what wasn’t as interesting was extremely difficult because it’s all interesting to me. So beside the long shipping time, me giving products time to work, and narrowing down my list, February Finds and Flops became March Finds and Flops.  So let’s get started!

Hot Electronic Skin Facial Pore Cleanser Cleaner Blackhead Pimple Zit Remover

Where: eBay

Price: $1.99


I discovered this while watching an eBay haul video on YouTube. My skin loves to produce whiteheads so I thought this would be a good way to remove them.


It’s a zit vaccum basically. After putting one AA size battery in it, you move the button to turn it on. Just a warning, it’s noisy.


This is the top where you run it along your face slowly and it’s supposed to remove the gunk. The verdict?


Flop! Luckily this was inexpensive. The suction on this item wasn’t strong. I don’t want bruises but it took a lot of effort to remove the whiteheads. It’s a good idea and I have seen another one of these for about $30 dollars that a YouTuber really loved but I wouldn’t try one of these again.

5-1 Multifunction Electric Face Facial Cleansing Brush Spa Skin Care massage

Where: eBay

Price: $4.99


During the same YouTube video where I discovered the Zit remover, I found this brush. I was looking for a replacement after my Clarisonic died when I got back from London. There’s two settings on it but so far I’ve only used the low setting. This came with other brush heads, one that had roller balls to massage your face, two softer sponge heads, and one to soften your feet.

The verdict?


Find! I love this little brush. One of my complaints with the Clarisonic brush is the inner most head is the one that moves. This brush has the entire head moving and it’s very gentle. There also isn’t a timer on it so you turn it off when you want. It does take 2 AA batteries instead of being rechargeable like the Clarisonic. It’s a great inexpensive alternative to a Clarisonic.

 Large Gold & Silver Polishing Jewelry Cleaning Cloth 12″ x12″

Where: eBay

Price: $4.99


I was looking for a cloth to clean my silver jewelry items. I found this cloth and decided to give it a shot. I found a really cute Tiffany & Co. necklace at a consignment shop for $15. So I tested it out on that necklace and another Tiffany & Co. necklace I have. The verdict?




It may be a little difficult to see in the pictures but it was severely tarnished. It looks almost new after cleaning. I should post a picture of what it looks like in natural light. 

Fresh Farmacy Face Soap

Where: Lush

Price: $8.12


This was one of two soaps I bought when I was looking for a new face cleanser. Coalface was the second one but it made me nauseous using it on my face. In store I felt fine when the sales associate used it on my hand. Needless to say that one was a flop.

This soap has a nicer fragrance and made my skin very soft.


However, it was still a flop. I wanted something to help clear my acne but this didn’t really do much for me.

Breath of Fresh Air

Where: Lush

Price: $22.99


I got this at Lush during the same trip as the soaps. I also thought this would help my skin but it flopped as well. Since I bought the large size of this I don’t use it as my primary toner. More of a refreshing spritz after a clay mask or on days where I don’t wear makeup to rehydrate my skin. Definitely won’t repurchase.

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Toner for Softer Skin

Where: eBay

Price: $12.18


Find!!!! This is my new favorite toner. It’s not a watery substance like the toner from Lush. This is more like a transparent thick lotion. It removers leftover makeup, cleanses the skin, and hydrates. I’m about half way through this bottle. I’ll definitely repurchase and I’m curious about their serum, milk, and cream they also have.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Bar Soap

Where: Ulta, but multiple stores carry this.

Price: $5.99*


Find! Let me first start off with this comes in a large rectangle. I cut it down into six squares so it’s easier to rub on my face. Okay now backstory time. I gave this a try back in 2014 and loved it but with the stress of school and work and me being lazy with my skincare,  I stopped using it. I’ve now gone back and I love using it. I have combination skin and dark marks are a major issue I’m constantly fighting. This has helped clear my skin up. I still get some breakout but they’ve been fading.  *I think that’s what I paid but you can catch Shea Moisture products on sale often.

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

Where: eBay

Price: $24.99


 Normally this is $45 and that was why I was hesitant to try it. When I found a seller on eBay asking for a $24.99 I had to get it. The dropper top is cracked and that’s why the price was so low.


My verdict? Find!


After using this for a week there’s been fading in my dark marks. There isn’t a strong smell with this and a little goes a long way. I actually love this more than the Paula’s Choice serum I was using for a while.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Where: eBay

Price: $17


Find if your have whiteheads or visual zits. But if you tend to have blind zits like me, I wouldn’t bother with this. The smell is strong and it flakes. I don’t like wearing it over night and it’s difficult to remove in the morning without soap. It’s mostly a flop for me.

BaoBab Oil

Where: eBay

Price: $6.99




I ordered this before finding the Mario Badsecu serum. I tried this for a month but it just didn’t work well with my skin. It was heavy and didn’t really fade my dark spots.

Aveda All-Sensitive Cleanser

Where: Aveda

Price: $18


Find! This was in Aveda’s clearance section with an additional 30% off. They decided to update the packaging so they were discontinuing this. I got one because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I love it after a few uses. Thought this was more of a makeup remover because it’s like a lotion.


It’s gentle and doesn’t have a strong scent. It’s pricy full price so I’m not sure if I would purchase the new version of it.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Where: eBay

Price: $14.98


Find! Not a new product for me. I’ve been using sample sizes of the water pack for almost a year now. I love it so I finally decided to buy a full size container. The only downside of getting this for almost half the price was the shipping time. I ordered it through a seller located in South Korea. Usually packages don’t take that long from there. But this time there was a mix up  so I had a new tracking number. Over a month later it arrived on March 29th.


This water mask goes on last in your skincare routine. You leave it on overnight. It hydrates and brightens your skin and in the morning you either wash your face or use a toner to remove it. Very simple but effective. I’ve tried a few TonyMoly sleeping mask but I haven’t had as much luck.

Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask

Where: Amazon

Price: $11.35


I love sheet masks but it’s hard to find ones that are good. I ordered these on March 22nd and on the 25th (thanks Prime) I got them. I’ve only used two so far but I like them. There’s tons of serum in the mask and the face size isn’t bad. I hate it when they’re either too small or way to large. So it’s a find.


Laura Mercier Almond Coconunt Milk Sugar Scrub

Where: Von Maur

Price: $50 (ish)


Find Find FIND! 

This smells amazing. It has almond chunks in it to exfoliate your skin. After using this my skin is so soft and the smells lingers throughout the room and on my skin for a while. It’s pricy but worth it.


Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Body Butter

Where: Von Maur

Price: $45


Also amazing. It’s thick but not in a super oily way. Another find.


Now to switch gear no non-skincare related items.

Bowknot Silicon Anti-dust Mug Cap Cup Glass Lid Leakproof Cover Multicolour HS 

Where: eBay

Price: $0.87


Cute Cartoon Ceramic Water Drinking Cup Tea Milk Coffee Cup Mug Breakfast Cup

Where: eBay

Price: $7.33


I ordered these so I could have a cute tea cup. I needed another tea mug. Now I’ve up to three lol.



Now to phone cases. I get all of my cases from eBay. They have so many cute inexpensive options.

Cute Pattern Soft Silicone TPU Cartoon Unicorn Case Cover For iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus

Price: $2.29

Flop. It’s cute but it arrived looking dirty. I don’t know if the ink smudged while drying but I don’t like it. I’m going to see if I can get one list dingy looking.


New Cute Cartoon 3D Rabbit Bear Mirror Phone Case Cover For iPhone 6 6S 7 7Plus

Price: $4.99


Find! The mirror is actually good quality.


Japanese Comics Cartoon Kumamon Couple Hard Case For iPhone 7 7Plus 6 6S Plus 5S

Price: $3.99

Find! This is my favorite case at the moment. Can’t go wrong with Kumamon.


Okay last one!!

Gucci 56 MM Striped Cat Eye Sunglasses

Where: Saks Off Fifth (North Georgia Premium Outlet)

Price: $149 (originally $295)


While my mom and I where at Off Fifth we were actually supposed to be looking for a new pair of sunglasses for her. While goofing off I ran across these. I fell in love.


I love the design of the case.


But it’s difficult to close. I like my Alexander McQueen case more so I’ve been carrying my Gucci sunglasses in there lol.


You can find them here  if you’re interested.

I hope y’all enjoy this! It took longer than I wanted but I had fun making it. To quote rap god  Mark Lee,

I’ll see y’all next post!



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