April Finds & Flops

April has about half the items March did so this should be a shorter post. So let’s get started!

Selfie Ring Light

Where: eBay

Price: $5.99 (Free shipping)


I’ve heard of these selfie ring lights and told myself that eventually would get one. Now a year or two later I finally got one so I could see what the hype is about. I found this one on eBay for $5.99 with free shipping. I got it in the mail about a week after I ordered it.


There’s a little bit of information on the back of the box. I believe this took one AAA battery that wasn’t included.


It’s pretty large in size.


It has a clamp that you open and then place the light on top of your phone.

There’s a button at the top you press to turn it on.

FullSizeRender 19

This is what it looks like once it’s on. There’s three different setting and they’re all pretty bright. So what’s the verdict?


Find! I took a selfie in the dark and it came out nice quality. I didn’t like how I looked in the selfie so I didn’t include it here lol. I haven’t used it yet at a dark place like Umi but I’m looking forward to it.  We sure needed one last trip there. You can find one here.

Empress Tips Press on Nails

Where: Empress Tips

Price: $16.46 ( Full price was $14.95, with the first time promo code you get 10% off your purchase so it went down to $13.46, then $3 shipping.)


I found out about Empress Tips through Instagram. I decided to give the designer brand nails a try. Shipping from Empress Tips was quick.


I wear contacts so I didn’t want anything too long. The medium stiletto iridescent style I thought would work out fine.


Along with the twelve nails you see at the front of the box, you also have have extra nails in the back. Glue, a manicure stick and a mini nail file is also included.


You can read the application guide that comes with the nails or you can go to their website and watch the tutorial like I did.


These were the first result. I applied extra glue because I wanted them to last longer like it was suggested in the tutorial. In real life though you get a bubble under your nails. You can see them in the picture here. They were very pretty in person. I kept starting at them in natural lighting.


I did end up cutting and filing them down shorter to a practical fit for me. So the final verdict on these is a flop. I got about 8 days wear time with them. They say you can easily reuse them once they pop off but depending on how much glue you applied and how they come off, you can’t really reuse them. Even though you are given extra nails I didn’t have enough in the right size.

So in the future I’ll either buy press on nails at the store or just get them professionally done.  If you’re curious about this style or other styles at Empress Tips, you can find this style here but as of May 9th they are sold out.

3000pcs 2mm 12 Color Nail Art Glitter Rhinestones Tips + 5 x 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen + Tweezer

Where: Amazon

Price: $2.99 (Shipping was $1, not Prime eligible)


Yes, I copied that title directly from Amazon. Tbh I should have saved $13.47 buy purchasing this set instead. This is a nail art kit that comes with 12 different colored rhinestones, those metal stick things to draw on your nails, and tweezers to pick up the stones.

I used this last week before my dad and I drove up to Missouri for my grandma’s and one of my uncle’s birthday parties. I made the mistake of not applying nail glue to all of the stones. It didn’t click that wet nail polish wasn’t going to hold well until I had finished my other 9 fingers. Those popped off periodically throughout the trip but the super glued one hung on. It only came off because I forced it off. This was a surprisingly awesome find. 

Rolencos Hair Scalp Brush Shampoo Massager Tourmaline contained

Where: Amazon

Price: $8.30 (I have Prime so I’m not sure what shipping cost for non-members)


It’s something so many natural Youtubers have in their wash day collection so I figured I’d give the shampoo massager a try. The one I found on Amazon is manual but there are electric ones out there. I got the manual because:

1.) It was cheaper

2.) I didn’t even know if I would like it and I don’t want to be stuck with something expensive and terrible

3.) Ew, what if it tangles my hair????!!!

Spolier alert, it didn’t but I thought that was something reasonable to be concerned about.


It’s really simple to use and I didn’t find it uncomfortable on my scalp. Maybe it’s because my hair is so thick.


It’s kinda funny looking but it’s a find. I’ve only used it once so far but my scalp does feel cleaner using it. This is available here.

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Skin Care Mask 2.7fl oz80ml

Where: eBay

Price: $21 (Free shipping)


I love the water sleeping pack so I figured I should try some other Laneige products.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect mostly because I didn’t read the packaging correctly and ordered the wrong thing. I meant to order the peeling gel.


But let me start with how amazing this smells! It’s just like a multi-berry yogurt. Applying this is similar to the peel except after you wet your face, apply, let dry for about 10 minutes and go to wash off, you don’t rub like a peel. You just wash it off with water like a regular mask.


I’m going to call this a flop. I’ve used it a few times but I don’t feel like there’s that much of a difference in my skin from just using this. I love the Skin Food Pineapple Peeling Gel more (I’ll review that in the May Finds & Flops).

On to cell phone cases!

Cute Heart Bubble Soft TPU Gel Rubber Phone Case Cover For iPhone 6/7/7Plus 3D

Where: ebay

Price: $1.79 (Free shipping)


Isn’t it adorable? It’s my favorite of the 3 cases in the post. I’m still using it as my everyday case. Total find. You can get one here.

3D Cute Cartoon DIY Gun Love Heart Phone Case Cover For Apple iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus

Where: ebay

Price: $2.49 (Free shipping)


I call this one my Gfriend case because it reminds me of Fingertip. This is another cheap find. You can get it here.

Cute Lovely Cartoon Panda Pig With Star Tassels Hard Back Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Where: ebay

Price: $2.99


It says iphone 7 Plus but you can get it in a 6 or 7. I thought this one was too cute to pass up. It was initially going to be a flop when the jewel part fell off but I turned it back into find by adding a longer chain to it. I think I might just bypass that and just carry it without the jewel part. This case I got first and carried it a lot until I got the heart case. You can find this here.

Last one!

16 oz/ 500 ml Clear Portable Water Bottle- Bear Design

Where: eBay

Price: $7.99 (Free shipping)


I thought this water bottle was cute and would be good for fruit infused water. It’s small but works great. You can get this cute find here.

I hope y’all enjoyed this month’s finds & flops!



2 thoughts on “April Finds & Flops

  1. maggiesimplelife says:

    Omg that selfie ring light. I should search most things from eBay. I forgot the name of the brand, but they promote themselves everywhere! They have same kind of light and only available for iPhone. But it is too expansive. Thank you so much for sharing this. I go to eBay now lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • ashlieghcheyenne says:

      I think I know what brand you’re talking about but I can’t think of the name either lol. I always search eBay first for things. They have so many cool items 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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