Nordstrom Rack Finds 6.3.17


I really love Nordstrom Rack but you can’t be too particular with what you’re looking for in there. You gotta keep it general and be open to finding anything. It’s kinda like thrifting. You walk in with a list of items you’re looking for like maybe a summer dress or a pair of new sandals. If you have a certain brand you know they carry then you can get a little more specific like, “I’m looking for a Marc Jacobs wallet.”  But otherwise if you walk in with too specific of a list you’ll probably end up disappointed.

Usually I do pretty well in there but I have the hardest time finding shoes. This trip to Nordstrom Rack we went to the one by Perimeter Mall. They have such a large selection of shoes for people with large size feet.


So let’s start off with the shoes I got!

Lucky Brand Sandals (Alexcia)


There was a few different color variations of this sandal but I don’t really have a pair of solid colored sandals.


I thought these were a cute simple pair of sandals. Probably not the most arch supportive sandal on the market.


They’re really flat lmao. There’s a slight heel on these but it really isn’t going to give you additional height.


Original price: $59.00

I paid: $39.97

Update: I returned these on the 16th because the width of the strap that goes across the top part of your foot is too narrow and it made it uncomfortable to walk in them.

Nine West Lace Up Flats (Zavanna)


I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes like these for over a year! Now that I have these I’m so happy. This was the only pair they had in the size 12 section so I knew I had to get them. When I started trying them on there were women walking by telling me I should get them and they were really cute. I was thinking to myself why is there so much focus on me trying on shoes lol.

So I’m a lot in love with them. Easily my favorite purchase of the day.  I’ve also been looking for another pair of black flats because my Cole Haan ones have been falling apart on me.


I’m not sure what these shapes are supposed to be. I don’t love or hate them.


Another tiny heel.


Original price: $89.00

I paid: $31.15

I don’t think I’ve gotten two pairs of shoes in one trip from the same store since I got my Adidas two summers ago.


On to clothes!

I tried on four dresses and was going to purchase the fifth one but it was ripped on the side. So I ended up with a shirt and a nightgown.

Cotton Emporium Pink Sweater Crop Top


I’m improvising with that title. This is such a cute shirt in person and I feel like the pictures don’t do it any justice. I wasn’t familiar with Cotton Emporium so I googled them. Not much showed up so I’m assuming they mainly sell to department stores and boutiques rather than have their own shops or online store.

It’s such a comfortable top. I tried it one once I got home and then I put it in the wash. When I went to fish it out of the washer it shrunk! I attempted to stretch it out before I hung it up to dry. It’s back to it regular shape now. I looked at the tag once it was dry and I saw it was 100% rayon. So that’s why it shrunk. Thankfully I already planned not to dry it in the dryer.


Here’s a closeup of the top. It looks almost like corduroy but its so soft and luxurious looking. I can’t wait to wear it out.

Original price: $48.00

I paid: $16.80

Final item, Satin Chemise Nightgown


Since I got my nightgown set from Marks and Spencer now I’m keeping my eyes open for more nightgowns similar. This is is kinda plain but I fell in love with it. And it goes with my kimono! 


I love the lace detail on the back. There’s adjustable straps on this but they don’t stay in the wash. You have to reset it every time you wash it. Other than that I have zero complaints.


Original price: $40.00

I paid: $12.00

I hope y’all enjoyed this mini haul! See you next post!



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