MCM Milla Small Leather Clutch*

*Or alternatively titled Style Cookie Jar Second Year Anniversary Post.

I can’t believe it’s already two years of SCJ.


Time has flown by quickly! I want to give a quick thank you to everyone that has been supportive of me and the blog. As y’all know my blogging schedule can be sporadic so I appreciate everyone’s patience.


Let’s toast to another year of fashion, music, and travel posts!


I thought it would be a cool tradition to start celebrating each anniversary with a bag review post. So we’re going to kicking this off with the MCM Milla Clutch.

A quick history lesson on MCM before we get started for those not familiar with the brand. MCM Worldwide originally was a German based leather goods company founded by Michael Cromer. The acronym used to stand for Michael Cromer München. However, after a tax scandal in the late 1990s, the company lost it’s financial backing by investors and trademarks and stores were sold off.

In 2005 Sungjoo Group (founded by South Korean business woman Kim Sungjoo, chief visionary officer of MCM and chairperson of Sungjoo Group) bought the rights to the brand. In 2006 MCM Worldwide was rebranded, Michael Michalsky was appointed creative director, and a store in Berlin was opened. Now MCM Worldwide has 70% of it’s sales from Asia and the other 30% is from Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

I found out about MCM through Exo and their 2015 endorsement deal


Now that we got that out of the way let’s get to the review. My mom and I went to Nieman Marcus at Lenox so I could return my creepers. I just couldn’t get past the weird fit. I didn’t have much luck finding another pair of shoes but I did find the cute Milla bag.


It came with a white dust bag. I have a few of these dust bags now and I never use them for storing the bag when they aren’t in use. Well, other than my Marc Jacobs one. I should use them while I’m traveling or something.


The Milla is pretty basic right? Like the design isn’t something that will stop people on the streets and start up a conversation. That’s kinda why I got it. I don’t have a solid black purse. I usually go for colorful or bold printed bags. Occasionally I’ll go for more neutral colors.


I really love pebble leather. I think it gives character to simple designs like this. If this were solid plain black leather I probably would have walked right past it.

I think the gold hardware helps it stand out too.


Here’s a closeup of the hardware, the lady at the register and I were talking about how you wouldn’t even know it was a MCM bag because it isn’t plastered all over it like the typical cognac design on most of their products. This was another reason why I fell in love with this bag.


On the back there’s a small gold stamp with MCM’s emblem above the pocket. I love back pockets on bags. I didn’t realize this was a clutch until I brought it home I’ll go into more detail later, but I knew it was small and I’d have to downside when I carry it.


Right now I have business cards in the back pocket for easy access.


I try really hard to let y’all know the exact prices of things but sometimes I misplace tags and receipts. I think I’m going to start digitalizing these things so I can access them faster. Anyway, full price of this was $620. That’s pretty wild to me at least. Nieman had 30% the lowest price when I got this so I got it for $348 and some change.


The inside is so pretty and luxurious.


When I first opened this and felt the suede on the inside of the flap I was amazed by the quality and detail then went into creating this bag. I’m extremely impressed.


There’s three main sections inside the Milla. There’s the very front section that I only recommend keeping paper or small things in because if you have something bulky like a compact it’s hard to close it.


Then there’s the middle section with a zipper. The inside has the same caramel suede like the flap.


Then at the very back there’s another section to put items, a designated card slot, and the warranty information.


About that warranty information, there isn’t much going on inside this little packet.


But I figured it was something I should talk about:

A.) The entire card packet everything came in

B.) The one year limited warranty card. The cashier I guess was supposed to fill it out but I ended up filling it out at home. I don’t anticipate any issues with the Milla so I’m not stressing over this.

C.) The how to take care of this bag mini manual.

D.) Random blank card, seriously there’s no real purpose of this thing. We already know it’s an MCM bag but I guess it was just a friendly reminder.

E.) Special care card, a little more helpful than card D but not necessary when we have booklet C.

Alright I’m almost done. Remember earlier how I said I didn’t realize this was a clutch? I discovered this feature messing around with the straps once I got it home.


I’m not really a clutch person so I don’t think I’ll really use this without straps but this is what it looks like strapless. Still cute.

This is what the back looks like without. Pretty much the same but I feel like you can see more of the shape of the Milla in this form.


Final thoughts? I love this bag. I’ve been carrying it around for about two weeks now and it’s the perfect summer cross body clutch for days when you want to travel lighter. I’ll be carrying the MCM Milla often this summer. It’s sold out now on Nieman Marcus’ website but it looks like it’s still available online either in a different color or in the $400 range for it in black.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Remember to leave comments and suggestions on things you’d like to see more on SCJ this year. Thank you for following! If this is your first time here, I hope you come to visit frequently now!




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