May/June Finds & Flops

I decided to combine the two together because there weren’t enough items for two separate post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I was in Missouri at the start of May and then in Florida at the end of May. There just hasn’t been that much over the last two months (July will be a bit more exciting). So let’s get started!

Satin Bear Scarf

Where: Amazon (I think it’s sold out now)

Price: $9.98


I love outfits with scarfs. When I was in high school I wore them often. Now I can’t really figure out how to wear scarfs in unique ways. I’ve been trying to incorporate them back into my wardrobe but I’ve been failing at it. So when I saw this one I thought it would be a perfect addition to my closet.

Here’s a close-up of the bear pattern. So what’s the verdict?


At the moment this is in between a find and a flop. The price on it was great and the quality of it is fine but I haven’t worn it out yet because I haven’t found an outfit it would work with yet.




Small Denim Patchwork

Where: Anthropologie

Price: $3.71 (sale price)


I just thought this was so cute. I needed a wallet that was small enough to work in some of my smaller purses like my MCM (spoiler alert this was still too large for that bag).

I’m not really sure which side is the front or the back so I took pictures of both sides.


Find! I’ve never seen such a great deal on a wallet/coin purse at Anthropologie like this one. They had a few of them in store but I think this is also sold out online.


Giuseppe Zanotti Nero Belt

Where: Saks Off Fifth

Price: $41.98


I was wondering around Off Fifth and found this cute belt. I was wondering why it was so big and debated if it was worth buying it. My mom said I could get holes professionally put into in so it would fit so I decided to get it.

It wasn’t until I got home and searched online I discovered this Giuseppe Zanotti belt is an 110 or a 44 inch, men’s size, so why it’s so large.

It is really pretty though. Here’s a closeup of the buckle.


And a close up on the flowers embroidered on.


The verdict?


Another find and flop. Off Fifth had a great price on this. Originally the price of this belt was $695, then dropped to $347.50, and at some point marked down to $69. With the 30% off red tag items, I got it for $41.98. So financially this was totally a find but until I get this to fit me it’s a flop.

L’Oreal® EverCurl™ 16.9 oz. Cleansing Balm

Where: Ulta

Price: $11.99


I’ve been natural for almost a year and in that time frame, I’ve tried numerous products. I thought I’d give this a try as a lower cost alternative to my favorite cowashes, Ouidad Curl Immersion Co-wash (I discovered on sale at Ulta) and my absolute favorite, Aveda Be Curly Co-wash (it’s also $12 less in price but the Ouidad is a 16 fl oz and Aveda is 8.5 oz, but it’s concentrated so you don’t need a lot of it).

I’ve read a review on this product and one woman referred to it as “having an old lady smell”. I wouldn’t say ‘old lady smell’ but it does have a chemical smell they tried to mask. Almost like they were going for an herbal Aveda scent but gave up halfway through.


This is supposed to be a 6 in 1 cleansing balm. The cleansing part was fine but I had a hard time combing it through my hair. This is also supposed to be a conditioner you can use without an additional one after.


I still used my Hello Hydration conditioner  to help me detangle afterward.


This was a total flop. I’ll use it up but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone curious.

On to more hair products!

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner 

Where: I don’t remember but their products are everywhere now lol. Maybe Ulta?

Price: About $12 each unless you find a sale on them

Short version: FLOP both of these products but the leave-in is a little less terrible. But to be more descriptive of why they’re flops, keep reading.


This shampoo has an extremely strong smell to it. It’s not a flower or herbal scent to it at all. It’s just…I can’t think of words..just gross smelling. Similar to a house cleaning product or something, not a fun time for your nose. This shampoo is runny too so it’s easy to accidentally get too much. On the plus side, you don’t need a lot of it to cleanse your hair so it will last you weeks if you can tolerate the smell.

The leave-in has about 75% less pungent smell to it. I think it’s because it has shea butter.  It makes an immense difference. I’m just about done with this bottle so I figured now would be the best time to review it.


My biggest complaint about this product is how runny it is. You have to use a lot of it to really coat your hair and have it fully covered. If it wasn’t for me having other deep conditioners to mix with this I could have easily run through this in four uses. I almost did actually.


Both of these products weren’t that special so if you just want to waste $25 on testing out new products then add these two to your list.

Lush Bath Bombs 

Where: Lush

Price: Varies; $6.75 – $7.95 for the ones I chose


Back to things that smell amazing! I’ve decided I want to try a different Bath Bomb everytime I go to Lush. I’ve decided Sex Bomb is my favorite, I’m a sucker for roses and the color  hue pink, but there are so many different types so why not try the others? For those not too familar with the different bathbombs from left to right I got Intergalactic, great for deep space glitter bath adventures,  Sakura, a mostly clear but floral fragrance bathtime experience,  and Sex Bomb for those who enjoy feminity in full bloom. They all smell so good and are worth the money (I usually break mine up so I can use them longer) so this was an obvious find.

Hot sale Cute Purple Flower Flip Card Slot Wallet Leather Cover case fr phone (Their title not mine lol)

Where: eBay

Price: $6.63


I don’t know man, I just love cell phone covers. But sometimes when you get them in person you expect the quality to be a little crappy. However, I was impressed with this case. It looks just like the picture on eBay, total find.


Back when I had my Samsung Galaxy Note whatever I used a Michael Kors flip leather case (I had also found it on eBay used). I kinda missed that so I discovered this one on eBay and quickly ordered it for my iPhone.

The floral print is covered all on the back and I love that the pattern does cut off, an issue I didn’t know was a thing until I was in a few fashion classes in college and my professors complained pointed it out and now it’s a pet peeve of mine when it comes to prints.


It has some slots on the inside flap for cards and then a larger slot for money?


I can’t possibly get that much money in there so I guess it’s more for like if you’re running a quick errand and you put a few bills in there temporarily.


And here are some pictures of what it looks like with my phone in it. I don’t think I’ve really done that in the past and I probably should😅. 

Here’s with the case open. I haven’t used the card or money slots yet. I think I may for the Monsta X concert on Sunday.


And here’s similar to what it looks like when I’m surfing the web. I find it easier to hold it and fortunately the little flap to close the entire case is magnetic so it stays put.


Sidenote, why is it so hard to pick a favorite member of NCT 127??!!! I thought I was just Taeyong trash but I tripped in fell into Johnny’s lane.

I hope this Finds & Flops wasn’t too boring. I’m working on July Finds & Flops so hopefully, that will be up August 1st (fingers crossed).  I’ll see y’all next blogpost!


And more Johnny because why not? 

Update 7/21/17: This is going to be the last of Find or Flops post. These take up a lot of time and I want to shorten my post so I can post more frequently.


2 thoughts on “May/June Finds & Flops

  1. Jordan Reeder says:

    The shae moisture raw shae butter line is awesome and smells really good. I’ve gone natural with my hair for the last 7 months and Now when I run out of my shae moisture product and use something cheap I feel a huge difference! It’s also awesome because they sell it at tj max to usually half the price.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ashlieghcheyenne says:

      I don’t think I’ve tried any of their raw line. I’m going to keep an eye out for it. Especially when I’m at TJ Maxx next time 😃

      I’m almost at a year being natural and it’s crazy how fast the time has gone by. I feel like now I’m getting a better idea of what my hair likes now that it’s a little longer. How’s things going for you?


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