Hollister Mini Haul

Or alternatively titled Hollister Prime Day Sale because I got the email about the sale on Amazon Prime Day (July 11th).

I think it was around 8 o clock when I got the email alert from Hollister. I was on my stationary bike scrolling on Tumblr and listening to music. Hollister had $24 price on all their jeans and free shipping on orders with a jeans purchase. I figured I’d check it out because Hollister has some of the best high street quality jeans and they run sales on them numerous times throughout the year.

I’m not sure why I thought I had the self-control to just get a pair of jeans then leave the site but that was my original plan. Twenty minutes and $75 later I finally submit my order.

Three days later this arrived in the mail.


I was running around preparing for Aly’s arrival so I looked through everything then put it in my closet to deal with later.

And now it’s later so let’s talk about my clearance finds from Hollister!


I subconsciously created two autumn/winter looks for later this year (yay!). Let’s start off with the item I’m most excited about, the faux fur coat.

Jacquard Faux Fur


I just think it’s so fabulous! It gave me 1970’s glamor vibes immediately. I had to have it. I actually selected a size large because I wanted it to be roomy enough but I was sent a medium. I don’t know if they ran out but it fits great.


Orginal price: $79.95

Clearance price: $29.99

Here’s a closeup picture of the fur.


This coat is actually my favorite find from this mini haul.

Next up are the t-shirts.

Pink Floyd Tee


I don’t actually like the band or know any of their songs. I bought this purely for aesthetic purposes. It’s astonishingly comfortable. I also love that it’s a little bit damaged.


Nothing too exciting about the back of the shirt. It is a bit sheer though.


Original price: $19.95

Clearance price: $7.48

Busy Running The World Tee


This next shirt I thought would be a cute lounging around the shirt. It’s incredibly sheer so if I were to wear it out I would totally need an undershirt with it.


Original price: $16.95

Clearance price: $9.74

Lastly the jeans!

Low-Rise Boot Jeans


I’ve been wearing them for years and they’ve been pretty consistent in quality. They’re comfortable, tight in the thighs but loose in the legs. The cut is straighter than I expected. They’re like a looser fit pair of skinny jeans.


Original price: $59.95

Clearance price: $24.00


I hope y’all enjoyed this mini haul!



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