Shopping Finds of the Day 7/22/17

This is my attempt at blogging more frequently 😤 Today's post is a mix of an ootd and my finds and flops posts. Now that I think about it I should have taken an ootd picture to include in this post.

I'll do that next time.
Anywho let's get started! The first item is a shirt I found at Nordstrom Rack.

I've fallen in love with Cotton Emporium. When I saw this shirt I thought it would be perfect to layer over a t-shirt or just on its own on a hot day.

It's a simple tank top but the small stitching details makes a difference. I feel like these pictures don't do it justice.

The color of the knit reminds me of salt and pepper.

I think the price on it wasn't too bad. I love finding clothing under $20.

Next are items I found at Marshalls.

I started drinking this tea from Aveda and drinking more coffee at home so now I have a real reason to have more than two coffee mugs. At Marshalls I found this cute kitty mug for $4.99.

Last item I found was this coffee face scrub.

I'm not familiar with this brand at all but I saw a few of their products around Marshalls.

I tested this out on my hand quickly when I got home. It has a watery formula compared to the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask I usually use. But the Skinfood scrub is $10 whereas The Organik Botanik was $4. But the Organik Botanik also less sugar in it. So I'm wondering how well it will really exfoliate my face. The skin on the back of my hand feels soft so we'll see. I'll update this post after I use it to let y'all know if I still like it lol.

And here's the ingredient list. I probably should know more about ingredients in skincare products but I'm still learning what's good and bad and what works well with my combination skin.

That's it for today's shopping finds. I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend💓💞🌟💓💘💖

Update 7/25/17: The scrub is alright for my fave but I still love the Skinfood one more. I think I'll use Organik Botanik for my hands and feet.


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