Shopping Finds of the Day 7.28.17

Remember last SFOTD post I said I’d add an OOTD picture too? I took one but I didn’t like how it came out so I deleted it.


So maybe next time lol.

On to the actual post!

I love skincare and now that I’m 23 I’ve been taking it more seriously because I’m almost midway through my twenties. Over the last two years really I’ve been experimenting with a solid skincare routine. I’ve gotten used to my 10-11 products a night routine (depending on if I’m doing a clay mask or just a sheet mask and if I’m exfoliating or not). But now I decided to vamp it up a bit.

While scrolling on Tumblr I saw someone mention they used The Ordinary Exfoliating Facial Peel and Advanced Retinoid. After seeing the price point and reviews of other happy customers, I went ahead and put in an order for myself on July 19th. On the 20th it was shipped out and I received on the 25th.


Because I’m still trying these items, I can’t do a full review at the moment. I do plan on writing a review in about a month so I’m keeping notes on both products.

Another skincare item I’ve been looking for is a cleansing oil. I forgot what brand it was I used in the past but I liked it. Lately, I’ve been using Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes but they work better on light makeup days.

My mom and I went to Tonymoly on the 28th and I decided to try their cleansing oil.


I love it! It was $27.99 after a $1.40 was removed for being a member of their club. You don’t need a lot of it to remove your makeup. I’m extremely pleased with it.

I also picked up more of their sheet mask because they had another buy five get five free sale.


I’m also in the middle of a review of my favorite Tonymoly sheet masks. I still have like twenty sheet mask from my first trip there with Aly and my Mom. I wish I was joking but you will see soon how carried away I got.

Another beauty find I saw first on Instagram is this face mask bowl and brush set.


I decided I needed one when I saw a girl on Instagram with one. This was really cheap too on eBay for $4.90.


I’ve been trying to think of a way to incorporate my Kpop album purchases into my blog posts without having a ton of mini album review post. I think including them in my SFOTD post will be their permanent home.

Let’s start with Pentagon ($21.99)

Their Five Senses album is my favorite (to date) and I’ve wanted to get the physical album for a few months now after I,

1.) Fell in love with the album

2.) Fell in love with their uniforms in Can You Feel It Saw the photos included in with album


Five Senses is packaged weird to me. I have Jessica With Love and two versions of Monsta X The Clan Part 2.5: Beautiful and both are in a box like Five Senses but the top and bottom fit perfectly. Five Senses doesn’t line up so it looks kinda 3D.


I couldn’t put it in words so I went back and took pictures.



 Here’s the backside with the track list.


When you open the box up the photobook is inside.


The CD is inside of the cover (the side with the symbol). Hi, Kino!


The photocard and advertisement were in one of Hongseok’s pages.


I got Wooseok! But I wish it wasn’t so blurry. Why couldn’t I just get a clear pick this is? I don’t understand.


I didn’t take a lot of pictures but I had to post this one of dark hair E’dawn because it’s my favorite hair color on him (well so far at least). His blonde hair isn’t bad, I just think it washes him out same with Wonho 90% of the time he had blonde hair.


Lastly, I got Twice’s Signal album ($19.99)


I actually was planning on getting Twicecoaster Lane 2 first but I remembered I loved the concept for Signal’s photos even more so I chose Signal instead. I’ll come back for Lane 2. There are three different versions of Signal and I’m not sure if they have names but I went with the pink one. I like that Twice has photocards of every member. That’s what’s in the envelope on top of the album.

This is the cover by itself.


I love iridescent and Signal is so pretty in person. This is hands-down one of my favorite Kpop physical albums.


I’m noticing the trend of putting members on the CD and I think it’s really cute. I got Tzuyu!


There’s a postcard with all the members.


I wanted to scream when I got to this portion of the book because my three favorite members of Twice was in the same section and it was too much to handle. I have Momo’s photocard hanging up next to Yehana and Roa from Pristin. I have Sana’s photocard inside my cell phone case.


They all look so cute so I just narrowed it down to one of Momo’s and one of Sana’s pictures.


If you love Twice and you’re trying to decide on which album based on pictures to get, I highly recommend this one!!

I usually get my Kpop albums in person from Kpop Music Depot because it’s really close to my house. The owner is really nice and they get new releases pretty quickly. They also have a Facebook page.

I also started going to Kpop Store in USA. They’re a bit further from where I live but they have a larger selection and have older groups and soloist. The owners of Kpop store in USA are also friendly. Here’s the link to their Facebook.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Enjoy the rest of your day ♥ ♥ ♥



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